MotoGP France 2012: Thomas Luthi wins Moto2 in a smart race
MotoGP France 2012: Thomas Luthi wins Moto2 in a smart race

Continuing with the rain and a very slippery track, as in the previous Moto3 race, it seemed that French fans would sign water for all remaining tests of the championship. Johan zarco He is about to offer the double and make the Marseillaise sound for the second time in everything something of the podium in a weekend last by the liquid element. But due to a crash in the final laps, the French dream fades again in what has ended up being a race that leaves a change of leader in the general classification.

And the latter has been made possible, obviously, by the podium that this French GP at Le Mans has made up. Thomas luthi, very intelligent, managing the race well and pulling hard, he took the first position followed by a Claudio Corti that has always been there. The fight for third position has been for Scott redding. The balance for ours above with lights and shadows. Pol Espargaro who preserves, scores and takes the lead in the general classification and Marc Márquez who goes to the ground in a GP of which personally, I am left with the image of pride and determination entering the finish line pushing his big bike, Julito Simon.

Claudio Corti

Falls in the early stages of Moto2. As in Moto3, with intermittent rain throughout the morning. Pol Espargaró came out like a shot to try to roll the solitaire. It seemed like the best possible option if you have a rhythm and a motorcycle. Either that or simply remain a spectator and wait for the failure of the rest. The clearest example of the sliding state of the French layout was the image of the fall of Alex de Angelis that he returned to the track, once on the ground, at the risk of being run over by the rest of the pilots. Luckily he has not had to regret personal injury.

But Pol Espargaró can not impose his intentions and a departure from the track was marked. Better keep, the one from Granollers must have thought. Thomas Luthi then picks up the baton from Espargaró and tried to leave. Meanwhile Marc Márquez was running fourth and the French fans seemed to be flying Johan Zarco to third position but unfortunately, the Cervera rider hit his bones on the ground due to a dismounted from his Suter.

Scott redding

The balance 10 laps from the end is a Thomas Luthi escaped, Johan Zarco second approaching and trying to close the gap with Claudio Corti in third place. The rain was heavy again and falls followed one another. And in this position Johan Zarco went to the ground ruining the illusions of the numerous local parish that has filled the stands at Le Mans. With Thomas Luthi definitely escaped the fight was presented from the second position.

And Pol Espargaró, Anthoy West, Claudio Corti, Scott Redding and Bradley Smith fought over it. Finally win Thomas luthi, second Claudio Corti and third Scott redding. Pol Espargaró enters sixth and Julito Simón pushing the bike in thirteenth position with all the stands standing applauding the one from Villacañas in another of the impressive images of the GP. And here, and only here One can afford to say: Brave Julito, you are brave! But as I say, only here …

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