MotoGP France 2012: great victory for Jorge Lorenzo with the star appearance of Valentino Rossi
MotoGP France 2012: great victory for Jorge Lorenzo with the star appearance of Valentino Rossi

Some are already rubbing their hands. They seemed to be hidden, but as far as Valentino rossi He passed through the checkered flag today and resurfaced in the image and likeness of his idol at Le Mans. You hear the "Valentino is back", "the return of Il Dottore" and a large number of sensational headlines that, although without intention of misrepresenting the development of a career, are not as fair as they could be both with the Italian and with the winner of the race, Jorge Lorenzo, and the third place, Casey stoner. But yes, I wish Valentino / Ducati had come back for real and the asphalt conditions weren't so important.

Those positivist-drenched headlines don't mean that it's entirely true that the news of the day is that stellar appearance that the Italian champion has starred today. It is not only the fact of having finished in second position, or the pleasure of enjoying a fun road, but it has also been able to the pleasure of overtaking, without taking it away, to Casey Stoner with the Ducati. What has happened in France to give me such a tremendous result, we will tell you after the jump.

Normally that the race is declared in water and the rain appears irregularly, it usually means falls, risk, and lack of entertainment. But the truth is that today we cannot complain. After the Moto3 and Moto2 races, the premier class has finally lived up to its name. MotoGP has been the finishing touch for a beautiful day of racing that even the black Gallic clouds have failed to dazzle. So what the exit left much to be desired with the scare of Ben Spies and the fall of Randy De Puniet, both when fueling the same dirty area of ​​the grill.

The one who marked a spectacular exit, for a change, was Dani pedrosa. But, as he commented at the end of the test, the changes made to his race bike were far from having the desired effect, causing him to lose too much time exiting the corners. A) Yes, Jorge Lorenzo, who was right on their tail, was able to seize the opportunity to lead the group when they had barely turned the French track. This half a turn was worth the Mallorcan to put distance through getting to touch the second with the next classified, Casey Stoner, when they faced the next lap.

Casey stoner le mans

Jorge in the lead, Casey trying to keep up with him and Dani Pedrosa avoiding how he could lose too many positions. Although it was impossible, the 46 appeared from behind and passed it without hesitation, after the Italian, Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Cruchtlow also signed up. It was the third round and both Mela Chlesia and Ángel Nieto began their particular war, without reason, against the australian. “After this race he will have more desire to retire”, “How long the race is going to be!

While a surprising Valentino He was trying hard not to lose sight of Stoner as he showed that all other things being equal, he is still the same as always, the two Yamaha of the Tech3 were on top of him. One from Cal and one from Andrea. The three of them were the first to prevent anyone from falling into a premature nap, with the magnificent braking that Cal Cruchtlow and Valentino they were starring. Overtaking followed one another, even passing both Yamaha to the doctor's Ducati. Meanwhile Casey took the opportunity to pressure Lorenzo by cutting the gap by two seconds. Pressure that Jorge managed perfectly, responding with a devastating improvement in his pace to return to almost five seconds ahead of the last MotoGP champion.

Cal Cruchtlow Le Mans

When the race was most interesting with the constant battle between Cal, Andrea and Valentino Telecinco sent us to … advertising. In that little window we could see, not without difficulties, Cruchtlow's motocross skills - pulling extreme enduro - which left him totally out of the fight for the podium. With less than eight laps to go, the Briton let out a magnificent podium that would do nothing but reward his great season. A little later, Andrea Dovizioso also said goodbye to the possible third place by going on the ground.

A) Yes Valentino could go for Casey once and for all. The Australian, it seems, was losing grip on the rear wheel, like Dani, and some other "suspicious" movement we saw the Honda. With no bad excuses in between, Valentino started the final attack with four turns for the checkered flag. The first attempts were unsuccessful with Valentino past the brakes and Casey defending the position in the best possible way. In addition, let it be said, last year's Jerez race weighed. On the last lap Il Dottore left the last corner of Le Mans glued to prepare for the imminent pass. After, Casey threw in the towel and decided not to go into too risky a battle for their aspirations to the title - as much as they have been determined on television to say otherwise -.

Valentino Rossi Le Mans

Jorge with ten seconds of advantage. Valentino managed to have fun again, to enjoy himself, to get on the podium and to be ahead of Stoner, which did not prevent both from congratulating each other on the race. With the GP finished You might think that you could finally enjoy the celebration of the drivers, Rossi's smile or Lorenzo's leadership. But no, Mela chose to continue her one-way battle against Stoner: "I would like that one day he would not make excuses and congratulate his rival." Sure, Mela, she never has.

He also highlighted the great role of Stefan Bradl while ours, Álvaro Bautista and Héctor Barberá they performed below expectations without specifying their official status or their results in training. The first CRT to pass the finish line was James Ellison, after the fall of Danilo Petrucci, who so far was having a great career.

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