AXO Nextgen Jeans, motorcycle jeans in Kevlar and Dyneema
AXO Nextgen Jeans, motorcycle jeans in Kevlar and Dyneema

You all know that I am a staunch defender of wearing absolutely the maximum protection on the motorcycle, even if it is to change its position within the garage. As a curious note I can tell you that even the same Alex Crivillé during the test of the Dunlop ScootSmart He was amazed to see me fully equipped and putting on the NeckBrace. In a joking tone he told me: but man, if you are going to test a tire on a scooter. But it seems absurd not to protect yourself when today we have hundreds of items to do so, such as new jeans AXO Nextgen Jeans.

Any garment with these characteristics is ideal for urban tours. They allow us to go with a sufficient degree of protection and at the same time, not suffer the discomfort of the most specific clothing when we arrive at our destination. If we focus on the new AXO Nextgen Jeans, these are manufactured by the Australian company Draggin, and its outer fabric is made of cotton, like a normal jean. But what's really important is inside, as the ugly say.

The inner lining is made by combining two fabrics that derive directly from the Armed Forces. One is the acquaintance Kevlar and the other, the Dyneema The World's Strongest Fiber. The resistance of AXO Nextgen Jeans is such that, as indicated by the European Standard EN13595-1, they withstand the abrasion test for 4, 4 seconds. Draggin herself assures that the pants are ten times stronger than steel so we already know what the next Ironman armor could look like. Leaving aside the pussies, what Australians say is that if we compare a sheet of steel of the same thickness as the lining of the AXO Nextgen Jeans, these resist much more.

The lining (antiseptic and breathable) ends where the protections, located on the knees and shinbones and made of Bioelastan. They are anti-shock and completely removable to facilitate washing the pants.

Outwardly the AXO Nextgen Jeans stand out for having a higher waist than the front part and large pockets. The seams, one of the most important areas to take into account to increase the degree of protection as it is one of the weakest points, are reinforced against abrasions.

AXO Nextgen Jeans are available from size 46 to 56 in a single color, blue, and its price recommended sale is 189 euros including VAT.

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