What is the KTM Freeride 350? It doesn't matter, enjoy
What is the KTM Freeride 350? It doesn't matter, enjoy

First of all, is to understand the philosophy of this new KTM. Since if you are looking for a fast and unbeatable motorcycle on the slopes, you will be wrong choosing the KTM Freeride 350. But if you are looking to complicate your life in extreme trialeras with impossible climbs, or you are simply a beginner in this field, or you have come to the conclusion after having the latest and most modern competition endurance motorcycles, that what you need is a motorcycle that makes your life easier on difficult terrain and not the opposite, I can only give you good news. The KTM Freeride 350 It has come so that you only have to take care of enjoying yourself, without having the physical or mental conditions of a competition pilot.

As it is well born to be grateful, the first thing I want to do is "cry bitterly" because KTM is still determined not to invite us to any of its presentations of its new models, it must be that there was no room for this either. And of course, show our appreciation to the Bike Motor’s Clinic (BMC) dealer who gave us this unit throughout the weekend in order to carry out this test. But better, we are going to discover what the new Freeride is like.

Freeride rim

Without a doubt, the first thing many fans look at as soon as they see the KTM Freeride 350 It is in the tires. In addition, almost everyone sees it as a great disadvantage, but they do not realize that even the great professionals are already opting for this type of tire for their rear wheels, in some indoor Enduros that they compete, since their more super grippy rubber surface it allows you to climb the steepest places with total grip.

Freeride wheels

Now, like almost everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages and if not, look at how with the roads full of mud and in clay terrain, the wheels get dull easily, giving a feeling very similar to driving on ice. But do not believe that not much more than those of the cross wheel of the motorcycle that accompanied me in the test. Could this be why KTM made the presentation in Morocco? To avoid mud? Let's leave the jokes aside and let's get to the point that I mess up. And of course, once focused on the tires, many forget the precious Excel A60 rims that are screen-printed for the occasion.

Freeride seat

The base is that of the KTM 350EXC engine but with modifications that lighten it by 1.2 Kilos by suppressing its starter lever and not leaving it so tight, which further guarantees its durability. For example, when it comes to replacing your titanium valves with steel ones. Also the new ignition maps ensure that this new engine has a power close to 23 CV without exceeding 10,000rpm.

Freeride reserve witness

It is advisable to purchase another one of KTM's “sweets”, this time the mapping selector as it will give you three ignition options just by turning the wheel on the handlebar. The autonomy reaches up to 100 kilometers with a tank of 5.5 liters and that finally has a reserve indicator since this time the Freeride 350 It does not have a fuel tap. As you can see, a curious air filter is inserted in the fuel tank, which is very accessible and that without a doubt will not get so dirty in that position. But its plastic casing gives the impression of having it too "covered" without the possibility of breathing air freely if you want to get more power.

Freeride exhaust

And to finish giving a visual review of the new KTM Freeride 350 you also have to take a close look at their exhausts. It seems that after so many years denting the elbow of the exhaust manifold of our old EXC in the first right fall or having all the pants and boots scorched by that "damn" collector capable of making "your calf" a good barbecue, now cleverly the manifold disappears through the center of the engine in the direction of the crankcase to appear again at the rear and divide into two beautiful exhausts on both sides that sound practically nothing and that in tests with the sound level meter were even quieter than the engine itself.

Decibels Freeride

The innovative composite chassis also plays a major role in the Freeride concept, as well as the suspension and brake components, specifically designed for this bike. In one of the first 5,000 units distributed around the world at a price of € 6,999 we have gone up to test all the types of terrain that we have been able to and thus tell you about our impressions tomorrow.

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