MotoGP France 2012: the Le Mans Circuit, a challenge for Moto2 tires
MotoGP France 2012: the Le Mans Circuit, a challenge for Moto2 tires

As you all know, today starts the first day of free practice for French Grand Prix of the MotoGP World Championship in the Circuit of Le mans. Precisely its location, 200 kilometers southwest of Paris, means that the weather in recent seasons has been very uneven, which presents a challenge for tire manufacturers. In addition, Le Mans in a pure circuit of the so-called Stop & Go or start and stop, with great braking and acceleration from low speed in low gears.

For the Moto2 category, Dunlop will carry Group A “Baseline” tires in its 3757 and 3854 soft compounds. The 3757 started life in 2010 and has proven to be the best choice when the temperature is low and the asphalt is not very adherent. For its part, the 3854 offers very similar features. Both tires will be matched with Dunlops on compound 717 and 302 for the front wheel.

Clinton howe, Moto2 Operations Manager, explains very clearly the characteristics of the Le Mans Circuit and the needs of its Dunlop tires:

How could it be otherwise, the local Moto2 rider, Johann zarcoIt also takes into account what are the needs and demands in this very particular circuit:

In summary, the Moto2 grid will count towards the French Grand Prix with four front on 302 compound and four 717 (size 120 / 75R17) and nine rear on 195 / 75R17, four 3757 (ATR05) and five 3854 (ATR05). They also have at their disposal three front and three rear of rain in size 125 / 80R17 KR191 414 and 90 / 55R17 KR393 414 respectively. If all sessions were run in the wet, they would have an additional fourth tire both front and rear.

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