Casey Stoner to retire at the end of the season
Casey Stoner to retire at the end of the season

Casey Stoner leaves MotoGP at the end of the year

I still have my mouth open. What seemed like one more fashion news to retire pilots early has been confirmed this afternoon from the mouth of Casey stoner at Le Mans. The Australian driver comments that to continue in that world of racing would be a mistake but that the decision to retire at the end of the season It has been taken in the last week and not before. He has a good couple of reasons thanks to his new great challenge, fatherhood, and the loss of illusion in a championship that, he says, is no longer the one he fell in love with.

He always said his career wouldn't be as long as Mick Doohan's, but Casey is very young and will turn 27 next October. The truth is that, in this way, the Aussie pilot will at least make sure to enjoy his offspring and his youth to the fullest. On the other hand, rumors about the next HRC star driver They are already beginning to emerge and some already see Valentino again with Honda, or Marc Márquez getting on an official machine thanks to the cancellation of that "interesting" law that prohibits novice riders from riding one of them during its first year.

Nonetheless, Stoner's announcement deals a serious blow to the entire championship of MotoGP, what ploses the pilot who had bet the most for "fist control" and not in electronics. We will continue to update this post as more information arrives.

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