Smart will launch its electric Scooter in 2014
Smart will launch its electric Scooter in 2014

The words of the Vice President of Mercedes-Benz Cars Mr. Joachim Schmidt at the international congress of dealerships held in Switzerland leaves no room for doubt:

So it seems that Daimler begins a strong commitment to plug-ins. Among others, the electric bicycle that is beginning to deliver to the lucky ones who reserved it or with the ForTwo Electric Drive that will arrive next summer. But the news is certainly that in the 2014 will start production of the Smart eScooter.

As you can understand both the technical characteristics and the design of the Smart eScooter can vary as from night to day from now until 2014. Even so we know along with the photos of the initial design, some of its indicative technical characteristics They speak of a 4 kW electric motor located in the rear wheel of the scooter, a maximum speed of around 45 km / h and a range of about 100 kilometers.

It is a pity that it is based on a concept that makes this eScooter unviable to be able to move from the suburbs of large cities to the center. But perhaps in these two years of work this eScooter will be endowed with a little more top speed and autonomy, allowing its use in this type of route. And put to order, something more stylized on the back.

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