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Kappa presents its novelties for 2012
Kappa presents its novelties for 2012

Kappa has presented this past week its novelties for the year 2012. In addition to its wide range of accessories for the transport of objects on the motorcycle such as trunks, saddlebags and bags, the Italian brand has bet heavily this year on developing more consumer-oriented items. pilot.

Thus, therefore, three are the main novelties that we can highlight. On the one hand, the Weatherproof range of biker garments, followed by new Dry Pack and Racer bags for the sportiest motorcycles and a collection of helmets that perfectly combine safety and design. Let's see each of them in detail.

Kappa Weatherproof, protection in the worst weather conditions:


The collection Kappa Weatherproof It was created as a range of twenty items, although the family will grow both in the coming months and in the years to come. Kappa's intention is to get the rider to have the maximum protection against the weather, both in rainy and cold conditions every day of the year.

Pants and water suits (SK100T, SK100 and SK101), universal leg protector (SK203), waterproof and foldable, as well as 100% waterproof boot covers and glove covers (SK202 and GKW300) with some of the garments that we can see in your Catalogue. All of them incorporate practical bags that allow you to store wet garments inside, avoiding the hassle that surely we have all suffered at some time from: and now where do I put this all wet … In a supermarket bag?

Other garments included in the collection is the universal balaclava (SK205). It is made of anti-allergic fabric and is machine washable. Once placed under the helmet we can guarantee maximum hygiene and reduce that smell of eau de tigre that appears over time. The Weatherproof Collection It has of course winter and summer gloves, under-gloves, various buff's and other special accessories for the motorcycle such as mittens, covers to cover the saddle or blankets for the motorcycle.

Kappa Dry Pack and Racer, waterproof and sporty


Regarding the collection for transport, Kappa has incorporated the Tanklock system for your tank bags. Within the range Dry pack, new totally watertight and waterproof models appear in addition to seven novelties in the Racer line (tank bags, saddlebags, saddle bags) specifically designed for the most sporty motorcycles.

Kappa KV6, special helmet for high wheel scooter


Now let's jump to helmet territory. Kappa also presented its new model called Kappa KV6, specifically designed to be stored in the trunks under the seat of high wheel scooters, in many of which there are enough difficulties to do so. Another helmet that presents new features is the Kappa KV2, with new designs and improvements in the finishes, with even leather inserts.

All Kappa news for 2012 They are already incorporated into the catalog and you can consult it in the link that we provide at the end.

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