The fastest grandparents in the county
The fastest grandparents in the county

What would you think if you 74 year old grandfather I told you that he is going to sell everything for buy a Sidecar and participate in the Isle of Man TT? In addition, the 62-year-old grandmother will accompany the grandfather in the race as a co-pilot. It has stunned me to learn the story of these two Scottish grandparents who eight years ago decided to sell their farm and change their lives completely. Although Mr. Robin Daykin already participated in the IOMTT sidecar class in 1957, so he has some advantage if he can remember the circuit so many years later.

But the surprising thing does not end here, because although they started the journey in 2004 on a Royal Enfield engine harness, they soon changed it for another sidecar powered by a Yamaha R6 engine. Of course, the life of this couple has not been easy at this time, because three years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and soon after he broke his neck in a high-speed accident. After recovering from both health problems, last year they managed to finish the side race of the Isle of Man TT in 27th place at an average speed of 142.91 km / h, an achievement that many with much less years would like.

The funny point is the team name "past-it" a colloquial expression that is used to name things that are too old to continue fulfilling their mission. Name they came up with when another younger driver accused them of being too slow on the track. I would like to reach the age of that couple with their courage and courage to undertake these things. We will have to be attentive to this year's IOMTT to see what result this couple of grandparents get.

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