Electrolinera, the solution for electric motorcycles
Electrolinera, the solution for electric motorcycles

The little name in question is my own invention, but I think it is the most explicit when we talk about this invention that the gentlemen of Matra have presented. And it is that the invention is the simplest, since it consists of a kind of battery distributor in which, after passing a card that identifies us, one of the charged batteries is released so that we can replace the one we have in our Scooter and that it is already sold out. Thus, the autonomy of the electric vehicle can be considerably increased.

The electric station is officially called Bat’Lib and has been presented in the EVS26 forum endorsed by DBT CEV and Matra. In this way, Matra hopes to be able to compete in the market for electric Scooters for mail delivery. The idea would be exportable to other vehicles if they all used a standardized battery system. Something that doesn't exist yet, but could be a short-term solution.

Below you can see a video of the chain France 3 in which they explain (in French) how the system works. The video is a few months old, but it seems that until now it had gone unnoticed.

Thanks to CNG from Motorpasión Futuro for the track

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