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Dunlop ScootSmart, we tested the latest in scooter tires
Dunlop ScootSmart, we tested the latest in scooter tires

This past Wednesday we attended the CAR, the High Performance Center that Dunlop has in Alcalá de Henares the presentation of its latest novelty in the segment of tires aimed at the scooter sector, the Dunlop ScootSmart. Our most astute readers will have observed that the name implies the word Smart and that indeed this new member of the Dunlop family benefits from all the experience acquired in his older brother, the Dunlop RoadSmart.

The Dunlop ScootSmart becomes Dunlop's only tire for the segment of mopeds and scooters since it is able to cover absolutely all the needs during all the seasons of the year, with sun or rain, from those of 50cc to the megacooters, from the small ten-inch rim to the largest of sixteen inches, in diagonal or radial construction and even up to speed code of 210 km / h. Let's see what its main characteristics are:

New technologies applied to Dunlop ScootSmart

Dunlop ScootSmart

The first great innovation that has been applied in the Dunlop ScootSmart has been the use of compounds of silica for the first time on a tire in the range of scooters, something that was previously only restricted in the territory of medium / high-end motorcycles.

We have all heard the benefits of using silica in tires. Dramatically increases the grip in the wet but at the same time, also the total mileage That can be done with a tire since its rolling resistance is lower.

New components have been used for the band compound and by means of a innovative mixing process, get the most out of the new generation functional polymers, the silica material and the coupling agent. The carbon black component of the tire is specified at an ultrafine 'high structure' level and exhibits, as is desirable, a large number of much smaller particles.

By adhering to the elastomers of the compound, the special liquid polymers prevent migration to adjacent compounds, which improves the consistency of the Dunlop ScootSmart. In addition to overall better performance, durability is increased due to better silica dispersion and reduced silica aggregates.

Another cool feature is the hybrid string. Two different materials are combined in a single cord so that they act independently one from the other depending on the type of deformation suffered by the tire. Thus, for example, when a low deformation occurs, it is one of the materials that predominates, resulting in a greater comfort. On the contrary, if the deformation that occurs in the tire is higher, it is the second material that reacts to it, resulting in a greater stability.

Dunlop ScootSmart, developed using Finite Element Analysis

Dunlop ScootSmart

The AEF or Finite element analysis It is a technology that, through the use of computers, it is possible to virtually create tire prototypes and on these to predict with remarkable precision the effects of inflation, vertical load, lateral load and curvature load.

In this way, each of the performance parameters of a tire can be optimized. saving a lot of time before proceeding to the manufacture of the first prototypes and starting the first real tests that corroborate the data obtained. Using this technology, which until now was reserved for higher-end tires, it is possible to control the pressure distribution within the tire structure, as well as the distribution of the contact area and the stiffness of the tire throughout the entire tire. range of curvatures as well as dynamic simulation of the aquaplannig.

Dunlop ScootSmart, drawing inspired by the Dunlop RoadSmart

Dunlop ScootSmart

They say that if something works, don't change it. And in this case, if something works well, take advantage of it. In this way, Dunlop ScootSmart use a drawing inspired by the Dunlop RoadSmart. The ScootSmart has a higher net / gross groove distribution in the center to improve wet performance, plus a lower percentage of grooves on the sides of the tire, to improve grip and cornering performance when adopting extreme angles of inclination.

Deeper grooves in the center of the tread provide better wet performance throughout the life of the tire. From aquaplaning simulations carried out with AEF technology, long lateral grooves and multidirectional subgrooves have been included, which are not only more efficient in draining water, but also optimize the contact pressure to allow higher mileage and more regular wear.

Dunlop ScootSmart, the moment of truth has come

Dunlop ScootSmart

After knowing all the characteristics of the Dunlop ScootSmart thanks to the magnificent explanations of Miguel Morais, Motorcycle Iberia Manager, it was time to put on the fatigues and test them on the road. For this, the people of Dunlop had prepared us a varied route of about 70 kilometers around Alcalá de Henares.

But the best thing is that in it we could enjoy the company and the wheel of one of the legends of motorcycling since the own Alex Crivillé He was going to shoot with us, as Dunlop's ambassador in Spain and Portugal. During the route, a couple of times when we crossed small towns and people stared at the procession of ten - twelve motorcycles that we were, this thought quickly came to my mind that made me smile: if you only knew that that biker with a white helmet That seems like one more is nothing less than 125cc and 500cc World Champion …

To test the Dunlop ScootSmart, I had a unit of a Piaggio MP3 Yourban 300 LT Although it was perhaps not the best motorcycle to test tires as it had three wheels, it did allow me to draw some conclusions since a few months ago you already accompanied me in the test of the Piaggio MP3 400 LT.

On Wednesday in Madrid it was quite hot and by noon, the mercury was already above 25 degrees. Knowing that it wouldn't take long for the tire to warm up, I rushed to push them to the limit as quickly as possible. At the first roundabout I whipped La Piaggio MP3 unceremoniously and was surprised its good grip from the first moments. Unfortunately I cannot assure you if they take a long time to heat up or not but apparently they do it quite quickly.

Dunlop ScootSmart

Once on the road and with a motorcycle that exceeds 200 kilos and slightly exceeds 20 HP, I knew that I was not going to have problems with skidding at the exit of the curves. What's more, you can twist the throttle to death that there is absolutely no traction problem. This also has to do with the characteristics of the Dunlop ScootSmart and the absence of tread on the ends of the tire, which allows have the maximum rubber in contact with the asphalt when we are inclined to the maximum.

What could I do to properly test the Dunlop ScootSmart? Then take advantage of the advantages of the double front wheel of the Piaggio MP3 Yourban 300 LT and seek its limits relentlessly. Do you know what happened? Well what I found those of the motorcycle before those of the wheel.

I explain. When I tested the Piaggio MP3 400 LT test, pushing it to the limit on the circuit, there was a moment when the front end started to slip. Too much weight and inertia prevented the two front tires from digesting everything.

However, the stretched-out Yourban would squirm, nod, bounce, beg for mercy, and even swear that at some point he came to take me a white flag on the dashboard, but there was no way to move it from the front. Well yes, but only in two circumstances: braking or making a mistake when calculating the maximum speed for cornering. But in both cases, the failure would not be the tire but the one that was on top.

And no, it is not due to the size of the front wheels since they are in line with the size of the motorcycle. Thus, the four hundred rode 120 wide and the small three hundred lowered its measurement to 110 wide, although on different tires, 12 inches for the big one and 13 for the other, something that does influence its stability.

Regarding the duration, Dunlop told us that new Dunlop ScootSmart offers 10-15 percent longer life to the previous range of Dunlop scooter tires. But beware, these data must be taken very carefully because the duration tests of the previous tires were made with scooters that no longer have to do with the current ones. We must take into account the great progress that this segment has made in recent years.

Dunlop ScootSmart

The range of the Dunlop ScootSmart starts with eleven measures, according to the previous image to which new tires will be successively added in the fourth quarter of 2012 and from 2012, both in diagonal and radial construction.

Finally and as a guideline, recommended sale prices for the eleven measures available are the following:

  • 110/90-13: 63, 06 €
  • 130/70-13: 66, 77 €
  • 150/70-13: 93, 51 €
  • 120/80-14: 81, 91 €
  • 150/70-14: 99, 63 €
  • 120/70-15: 72, 49 €
  • 120 / 70R15: € 145.00 (Radial)
  • 160 / 60R15: € 150, 77 (Radial)
  • 110/70-16: 64, 20 €
  • 130/70-16: 80, 49 €
  • 140/70-16: 90, 20 €

Note: Travel and testing expenses have been borne by Dunlop. For more information, consult our policy of relations with companies.

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