The doubt reappears in Moto2
The doubt reappears in Moto2

Almost from the first race of the Moto2 category the run run began to be heard that some Moto2 teams cheated that allowed them to be ahead in the races. From that first year I remember it being said that, for example, Andrea Iannone's team sprayed the tires with a magical product that made them much stickier. Thanks to this, the pilot managed to improve his performance in some races. This rumor was never confirmed, although it remained there.

To this day, and seeing the demonstrations that Marc Márquez is doing, rumors have been heard again that suggest that some teams cheat that allows them to win over others. Something like when a French television began to accuse all leading Spanish athletes of doping, but with a little more discretion in the case of Moto2. With these "accusations" in the notebook, David Emmet went to an interview with Mike webb (the current race director) in the past Estoril GP. It should be added that Mr. Mike Webb was technical director in the MotoGP World Championship, with which he knows what happens first hand.

In Webb's words, there is currently a team of three people in charge of monitoring everything that happens in Moto2. These people do random checks on randomly chosen motorcycles so that no one but them knows what is being checked at what time. What's more engines include a datalogger that works all the time and whose data must be provided to the organization. These data are also compared with each other, and the moment someone falls outside the average parameters, they are immediately investigated.

Following in the words of Mike Webb, engines are tested in Italy, and despite the fact that it is not a fail-safe system (there can always be some fissure in the custody of the material) he thinks that they are doing quite well because all motorcycles have a very similar top speed. So how is it that Marc Márquez takes such an advantage over them in some situations? Well, according to Webb himself, the explanation goes to the side that Marc is the lightest rider in the entire category, to which we must add that his team is one of the best tuning the bike and you already have one. plausible explanation to the advantage you currently have.

Of course the shadow of suspicion will always be there, but after reading what is said in the interview, I think that these rumors are currently unfounded and the organization works very hard to keep it that way. Perhaps it is the "envy" of the results that leads rivals to invent rumors to discredit a job well done. Of course, there are those comments, whispered in the gloom, that fertilized field in which the lie grows until by dint of repeating it ends up becoming certainty. The song on Radio Futura already said it, that the lie is something that hides so as not to have to exist, although there is another Spanish saying that says that if the river sounds, it is water. Which one do you stay with? I have it clear.

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