Husqvarna SM 511 R vs Lotus Elise
Husqvarna SM 511 R vs Lotus Elise

Let's see a comparative - confrontation between motorcycle and car one of those that in the end, doesn't tell us anything but makes us enjoy ourselves for a while in front of the computer screen. In this case, the comparison has been made by and and they face a supermotard and even ultralight sports car.

In the corner of the two wheels we have the Husqvarna SM 511 R, the street model from which the supermotard of the Supermotard World Championship derives (well, not exactly this one, from its 449cc sister, but they are identical except for the propeller). A single cylinder of unknown power, as you already know that on these motorcycles the brands never reveal this data, and a weight of only 118 kilos, which for a motorcycle in road configuration is very good.

In the opposite corner, one of the sports cars that I have always liked the most: the Lotus Elise 1.6. Small, light, which perfectly responds to that phrase of: better take a kilo from me instead of giving me one more horse. It is not excessively powerful (136 hp) but it is very light since it is around 900 kilos, you know, depending on whether the data is with all the full ones or not, but to get an idea it is enough.

The ring for the showdown: the Lunghezza circuit, two kilometers long and quite mixed, with a couple of medium-speed corners where the car has an advantage, as well as when braking before the chicanes. Here, the motorcycle practically does not even have to do them since it can pass them by making a slight maneuver. Outcome? Next:

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