Honda NC700S with Dual Clutch Transmission goes on sale
Honda NC700S with Dual Clutch Transmission goes on sale

If in March we commented that during the month of April Honda would put the Honda NC700S on sale in its dealership network in its standard versions and with combined braking system and ABS, the Honda NC700S with the exclusive Dual Clutch Transmission (Double Clutch Transmission) second generation.

This nine version will feature the Combination and anti-lock braking system as standard and the Double Clutch Transmission system that we have already talked about on other occasions will offer three different transmission modes: one semi-automatic and two automatic (a 'D' fuel economy mode; and an 'S' mode for all-purpose).

Honda NC700S

Let us remember that the Honda NC700S It equips the 670cc in-line twin-cylinder engine and liquid cooling, with very low emissions and consumption (3.6 l / 100) and a power of 35kW, which allows it to be driven by any user in possession of the A2 license.

The Honda NC700S with this transmission it will be a thousand euros more expensive than the version with ABS (6.999 €), the recommended sale prices being those that can be seen below:

  • STD version: 5,549 euros
  • C-ABS version: 5,999 euros
  • Dual Clutch Transmission Version: 6,999 euros.

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