BMW S1000RR Easy Race Cup, told from the inside by Miki Viñola
BMW S1000RR Easy Race Cup, told from the inside by Miki Viñola

Miki Viñola with the BMW S1000RR at Motorland

Some time ago we had someone as editor at Motorpasión Moto who won the affection of everyone based on humility and knowing how to tell about their experiences. Someone so into the world of two wheels and racing that when he sleeps he doesn't take his foot out of the sheet, he puts his knee out. With an unmistakable style I am talking to you, of course, about Miki Viñola, the protagonist of tests such as the Ducati Diavel or the narrations from the box about how to live an endurance race. We are pleased to have him again today to tell us about his brief but intense appearance in the 2012 BMW S1000RR Easy Race Cup. And here I shut up, and let Miki speak:

Writing for Motorpasión Moto is always a luxury and even more so when dealing with pure and simple competition issues. But if it is done on the back of one of the motorcycles that is causing the most talk in the world of motorcycle racing derived from the series, if we think that its engine is being used in Colin Edwards' CRT in the World Championship MotoGP or if the specific mount in which I'm going to get on all weekend is prepared by a young magician preparing the BMW S1000RR, Sergi Galán from Team Motocrom + 50, then more than a pleasure and a luxury it is a real joy and a great adrenaline rush.

And it is that this past April 28 and 29 was held at the Motorland Aragón circuit the first test of the 2012 BMW S1000RR Easy Race Cup and the Motocrom + 50 team lent me their BMW S1000RR to win the race… I mean… erm… finish the race.

So after a night trip with Iván “Gurio” and Johan (the “mecas”, according to Mela Ch Wednes, who would put up with me all weekend) from the town of Sitges to Alcañiz, getting lost on the way there until we were 60 km away from the fastest route, we finally arrive at the Motorland Aragón complex. And what drives me crazy? Arrive, see the box mounted, see your motorcycle there and think: We're going to death tomorrow! Poor innocent me, I didn't know what to expect …

Miki Viñola Copa BMW S1000RR Easy Race

We got up on Saturday at eight in the morning to prepare everything for the timed practice. Our main problem: time. There were two fundamental things to do that morning. First of all, like almost everyone else, get the bike ready. And second, and most important of all, Learn the circuit! I had only done one training session with this bike in August 2011 and it had been a year and a half without getting into a competition or training for it, but I assure you that The only thing that worried me and that was driving me was the circuit. Because watching MotoGP and SBK I realized that it is a very technical and complicated circuit, with an area of ​​linked curves that only have one possible line, with a corkscrew that needs precision and a back straight that, reaching 290 km / h, takes away your desire to brake of how much fun it can be.

BMW S1000RR Easy Race Cup Miki Viñola

So, for all this, the priority was to learn the circuit as soon as possible. We had a 20 minute workout and a Superpole three sets of 15 minutes the first, 8 minutes the second and five minutes the third. Little time and a lot to do.

But the protagonist of the day was, as is customary in these times, the Meteorology. Faithful companion of nonsense and winner of the “Oscar” at the most opportune moment, the rain arrived in its maximum splendor to make it clear that in Motorland, that Saturday, she was in charge. As soon as I finished my 20 minutes of qualifying (7 laps dedicated to knowing the layout), “la del pulpo” fell on the circuit for more than an hour, with strong winds, lightning and thunder. So that's where that Saturday of training ended, without Superpole, neither set-up nor good lines. 17th position on the grid, the clock stopped at 2:21 and a monumental anger …

But it was no use getting pissed off by the weather so when it started to get dark I put on my jacket and Johan, Gurio and I went for a walk around the circuit. What I had not managed to finish on the bike, I tried to do it on foot, remembering the curves, the lines, the critical points and the references. It would be of some use, if only to see the beautiful sunset with a luxurious spectator rainbow after the downpour a few hours before.

Miki Viñola

On Sunday, race day, all the senses on the bike and the ten laps of the Motorland track ready to host the first round of the 2012 BMW S1000RR Easy Race Championship. Overalls, boots, helmet, gloves… all ready to put it on. And as you can see in the photo wore the jumpsuit of our dear Joan Lascorz, loaned by its main sponsor and that I wore to support the rider who made me fixate on World Supersport races and Superbikes at the same time. Quite an honor … and a lot of luxury and comfort, my goodness what a comfortable jumpsuit! After receiving my “fan club” - a couple of friends who came from Barcelona getting into the early hours of their life - I already put on my jumpsuit to go around the grid placement. A great first contact with the circuit that would not change my feelings much but that would be of some use.

I get on the grid, I stare at the first corner as if I were a professional, at that moment the concentration is maximum. The warm-up lap begins, remembering each of the curves and finally I take my place on the grid again to start the outing. Red lights coming on one by one, engines roaring at high revs as the clutch held it to the limit between action and rest; my head does not stop thinking about the year and a half that I have not run while my heart does not stop jumping with joy "adrenaline" and wanting to hit the fist without hesitation. There is more and more tension on the grid as the traffic lights go on: …4… 5… 6 DEPARTURE!

I go well compared to my other three outings that I have done throughout my life, that is, Nobody passes me and in the first corner I manage to pass a pilot. Immediately afterwards I overtake a couple more riders upon arrival at the second corner and I place myself fifteenth, but when the Spanish corkscrew was braking, one of them slipped inside and was my point of reference throughout the race.

We get to the long straight at the back and I see how two riders go straight on the arrival at the double apex corner that precedes the finish line. At that moment I am fourteenth, I already have two dots!

The rest of the race proceeds normally, each time feeling more comfortable with the bike and each time liking the circuit more. I can already do the laps where I want but I need to improve the braking and the exit of each corner. Even so, the pilot in front does not leave me and I manage to catch him tenth by tenth until on lap 6 I manage to pass to the end of the back straight, when braking where you reach 290Km / h with the best bike I've ever tried in my life. Thirteenth then, a position that he would not abandon until the end.

When the race ends, with the bikes in the parc fermé, I head to the podium. My boxing partner and with whom we share the mechanic who carries the two BMWs, Jon Purroy, got second place career and must be congratulated for being a great guy and a pilot like the crown of a pine tree.

And finally, already at the conclusion of the whole weekend, I stay with the 12 seconds faster than I rode in the race compared to training, something that gives morale to continue feeling fast on a motorcycle and who knows if we can have the opportunity again one day to run a race again.

From here Many thanks to the tireless work of the Motocrom +50 team, for giving me the bike and for putting it to my liking, even though I was not as fast as both I and they wanted and could. Thanks also to Motocard for lending me the monkey because mine did not pass verifications, and thus be able to do the tribute that "Jumbo" Lascorz deserves so that you get better as quickly and as well as possible.

Joan Lascorz jumpsuit

Ps: the team in general, and I more specifically, we can't forgive you for not bringing a basket full of stickers from participants of the BMW S1000RR Easy Race Cup;)

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