Superbikes Europe 2012: the year Superbikes rode faster than MotoGPs
Superbikes Europe 2012: the year Superbikes rode faster than MotoGPs

Let's do an army of abstraction and look back, specifically to the 2009, to the tenth round of MotoGP World Championship that was disputed in the Circuit of Donington park on the already disappeared eight hundred. It was Saturday, July 25 specifically and timed practice was being held.

After an hour, Valentino rossi on the number 46 Yamaha of the Fiat Yamaha Team took pole with a time of 1'28.116 and a maximum speed of 273.5 km / h achieved on the straight before Fogarty's S's. Dani Pedrosa was second, less than one tenth behind him, and the circuit record, achieved in 2006 on sticky Michelin qualifying tires, still remained above him. He had left the record at 1'27.676, almost half a second faster than the time achieved by Valentino Rossi.

Let's jump now to 2011, second round of Superbike World Championship. Carlos Checa, after his double in Australian lands weeks before, he arrives in full swing on the English circuit. So much so that he manages to take pole with a time of 1'28.099. Effectively, seventeen thousandths faster than Valentino Rossi over the very expensive 800 MotoGP prototypes. No other driver went under, and best of all, he did it with a lower maximum speed, 268 km / h.

If the Althea Racing Ducati 1098R runs less on the straights, has less power and weighs more, where has it managed to beat MotoGP? In the cornering? But wasn't everyone saying that the 800 MotoGP they had an unreal curve pass?

Let's take another leap, until this past weekend. Fifth round of the World Superbike Championship at Donington Park. Tom sykes takes pole with a time of 1'27.716, staying just forty thousandths of Dani Pedrosa's time on 2006 qualifying tires and considered fastest lap on a motorcycle ever on the British circuit. And again, the maximum speed is lower than that of the MotoGP (and the fact that the Kawasaki runs that strikes them), specifically 266 km / m, even less than the one that Carlos Checa had set the previous year.

But this time has not been a flower of a day since below the time of Valentino Rossi 2009 (remember, 1'28,116) have ridden two other drivers, Leon haslam (1'27,864) and Jakub Smrz (1'28,037). And all this with some motorcycles that I repeat, they do not run that much, they weigh more, they are not prototypes and on top of that they do not have space age tires, but rather uus Pirelli that have proven over the years to be more and more good and they manage to lower the times. And beware, that Jakub Smrz's motorcycle, the Ducati 1098R, run with six more kilos by regulation than the previous year.

Running a race between MotoGP 800 and Superbikes at Donington Park? Max Biaggi and Marco Melandri I'm sure they would leave something else than the runner on the asphalt to win over one of his former teammates.

Data taken from: MotoGP, Worldsbk

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