Superbikes Europe 2012: Melandri's greed and Haslam's innocence give Johnny Rea victory
Superbikes Europe 2012: Melandri's greed and Haslam's innocence give Johnny Rea victory

Lack of control, talent and opportunism. All in one lap.

As that one would say: damn me if it hasn't been a race!. And incidentally, also if I am partial in the action of the day in Superbikes: the last lap of the second race at Donington. A moment that we will go on to analyze when we reach that height of the test because first of all we must remember that Jonathan Rea has taken the victory in a race where the adjective spectacular fits Falete like a corset, so small that it becomes ugly. After the British an opportunist and intelligent Max Biaggi followed by Tom Sykes, who did not expect to see himself on the podium.

If the first race at Donington Park had already been a pleasure for the fan the second one has once again raised the bar for the Superbike world championshipAnd that last year already left us moments for the history of the SBK. Under a respectful sun and in the very center of England the representatives of the British crown faced this test with more desire and pressure than ever. All the pilots screwed to the grips of their machines, they arrived in a group at the first obstacle and filter that they would encounter on the road to glory: the funnel at the first corner. A strainer that Carlos Checa could not pass through …

Charlie and his team did not play their cards well during the Superpole, which left them in front of the third row of the grid. With that scenario the Catalan he was forced to climb too many positions in a short space and time to get hooked on the rhythm of his opponents for the title. However, among so many motorcycle, Eugene Laverty braked in the middle of the line not to swallow someone - I'm still not sure who it was - what caught Checa by surprise, colliding with the rear of the Aprilia RSV4, Going straight and rolling down the road to Jakub Smrz, who was there climbing positions. In short, a zero for Carlos who complicates the fight for the title.

Returning to the race Tom Sykes regained first place after an incredible start by Max Biaggi. Leon Haslam placed third with Johnny Rea and Marco Melandri behind his wheel. It was the fourth lap and the Italian began a series of ax blows that in the end became almost uncountable. Because pay attention, in the next few laps you will see until 30 overtaking between just four drivers.

But let's not lose the thread. Marco was the first to inaugurate his fairing with Rea's stickers passing him, not without going a bit to the limit, in Fogarty's "eses". Movement that the british did not like it, who wanted to let Melandri know on the next lap around Melbourne with a pass of those that leave you smell of burnt rubber on the jumpsuit. Marco, who is not exactly famous for his cold blood, formality and patience, returned it with an action in the image and likeness of the previous one. That with this both pilots left the ideal line only meant that Rea would sign peace until they reached the leading group, which they took advantage of to gain a few meters.

When this duo arrives at Haslam's BMW, Haslam makes a mistake that invites Marco to pass. And Rea, who still had one saved for the Italian, also pounced on Lion, although responds in full descent to regain its position. At this point the cameras were giving us a break to show us the mass of Italian iron that had become Eugene laverty your Aprilia. Bad luck from the Irish. Shortly after, Melandri would give free rein to start the battle with Max Biaggi, who between them put a lot of their part to reach those 30 overtaking. A battle that was often exploited by Haslam whenever one of them got lost. On the other hand, Tom Sykes started to deflate. It is fast, very fast, with an enviable style and a machine that is scary. But someone should tell you that you don't have enough pace to get away and get a winning advantage. Tom pulls, and pulls, and pulls … but he can't get away from his opponents, who, like today, they end up passing him unceremoniously in the absence of a few laps to go, dropping to fifth place.

And how you will see the overtaking better in the video-summary, we will jump until the last lap, leaving aside Rea's will to remember his times as a motocross rider and his subsequent comeback. Leon Haslam leads the group, but arriving in Melbourne - the first of the slow corners and penultimate of the circuit - Frame tries to get past Ron's son, and it goes long. The Italian, out of control and raised by his previous victory, He returns to the charge in the last corner where this time he arrives very nice. Leon, smart, open the line and leave a gap so that it goes wherever the 33 was but … my friend, the BMW intends to return to your site like nothing, as if there were no other pilots fighting for victory. And there it goes Johnathan rea on the scene, who, with mischief, had seen the fight between the BMWs, waiting for the moment and sticking his Honda around the spot when they both had strayed.

Thus, Rea collides with Haslam when fully lying down, this he goes to the ground and his motorcycle hits Marco, who was returning from his excursion. The action is certainly debatable but I don't see many other options in such a situation. Thus Jonathan gets a new victory and opens even more the possibilities in the fight for the championship. By the way, you will see Haslam in qualifying because, somewhat calmer and thinking a bit, he knew how to go through the finish line pushing his bike.

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