Supersport Europe 2012: Sam Lowes presents his first victory to his audience
Supersport Europe 2012: Sam Lowes presents his first victory to his audience

Sam Lowes consolidates his talent

Today he would have been forgiven for everything, a mistake on the last lap, a crash, a bad answer, everything. Sam lowes he had come home to consolidate his good results until Donington: eight podiums and four pole positions. It is his second year in the category and, although from the first day he was ahead, the victory, by H or by B, had resisted him. Upon reaching British lands the situation did not improve and yesterday he went by land when he was three tenths ahead of the time of Jules Cluzel. French, by the way, was third behind Kenan Sofuoglu's Kawasaki.

With the injured finger and hand Sam went to the doctor hoping that for the race it would not be a big inconvenience. And it was not, thanks to the painkillers they administered that have made him run practically without feeling the affected area. Perhaps this lack of sensitivity has led the painful departure that the British has marked when the traffic light went out, leaving Cluzel to enjoy the lead for much of the race. Let's go with the chronicle, video-summary and results.

Donington Park Supersport

Following in the wake of the ex-Moto2 rider, he appeared Glen richards, wildcar there in Donington but a pilot well prepared for this race, Supersport and EVO champion in British Superbikes. At 38, today he relived a dream for a few laps but the excitement of the start faded and with it the pace to keep up with his Triumph 675R. The first to hunt him down was a lost Broc parkes, who despite having the full support of Ronald ten Kate is fifth 39 points behind the head.

In just three laps the quintet that would star in the race was formed. Cluzel, Parkes, Richards, Sofuoglu and Lowes were distancing themselves from the rest of the grid. Lowes 'reaction by way of an ax blow and piloting to the limit was not long in coming, overtaking the Turk, quickly approaching Richards' three-cylinder, who, it should be emphasized, showed great defense against the attacks of Bogdanka PTR Honda. These, along with Parkes, they left us the most spectacular moments with all of them in parallel.

The trio came out victorious and with an advantage Sam lowes. Supported by an overturned stand with the Superbkes, the young rider was able to catch up with Cluzel, who seemed to be showing the first symptoms of too soft tires. So much so that Kenan Sofuoglu, without Parkes already involved, gave himself the pleasure of showing who is the king of the category. The Turk then struggled to get to the position of Sam but the truth is that the British had a pace per lap unattainable for someone who does not have that extra fondness and anger inside. It was for this reason that Sam did not give a single meter, even in the last lap where he only Watching him go down the linked curves of Craner was breathtaking.

In short, consolidation and great performance by Sam, leaving the number 11 on his Honda at the height that is sensed. Thanks to this victory he gets into the fight for the title, being second to six points behind Sofuoglu.

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