Superbikes Europe 2012: one double for BMW and first victory in the SBK World Championship
Superbikes Europe 2012: one double for BMW and first victory in the SBK World Championship

After all the complaints from the pilots about the Pirelli affair in Monza It seems that it has revealed a certain crisis in the SBK World Championship, the races move to the English circuit of Donington Park with an unusual permissive weather in these parts. It even had a splendid sun and a clear sky on a day where Bmw, collects the results of all the work you have been sowing for a long time with your first win with a double at the SBK World Cup.

The BMW S1000RR from Marco Melandri and of Leon haslam, they have taken the first and second drawer of the podium in this first round. Tom sykes has put his Kawasaki in third place followed by a Jonathan Rea who, from less to more, came from behind to give it his all in the last laps of the race with a Max biaggi to which Rea himself "steals the wallet" in the last round. A Donington Park circuit that in theory looks good on Ducati as it proved Carlos Checa winning a heat last season but this time he couldn't get past sixth.

Leon Haslam

Leon Haslam in the first laps starts in first position trying to give BMW that first World Cup victory. Carlos Checa started a bit late but they were riding in line in the purest Moto2 or Moto3 style and no groups were forming. That is until Leon Haslam, Tom Sykes and Marco Melandri begin to get involved. Max Biaggi, from behind, does not want to lose rope and takes off a Sylvain Guintoli who seems to act as a stopper and get in the way.

Carlos Checa, meanwhile, was fighting for seventh position and, with spaces, it seems that a group of five pilots is formed but Tom Sykes's rhythm, with some fright and whiplash included, seems very high. Max Biaggi seems to hook the head and Jonathan Rea does the same to form that group of five but does not arrive when the first third of the first sleeve has been consumed. Carlos Checa and his Ducati seem to come up thinking that this group of five pilots must be six.

Or five plus a bull, depending on how you look at it. But unfortunately it is difficult for him to get there and ahead of the BMW Leon haslam and Marco Melandri they study the Kawasaki of Tom sykes. Max biaggi take advantage of the situation and get third. It reaches the middle of the race and a scoring overtaking recital begins as a group end of the race is presumed. Carlos Checa, unfortunately, is deflating and it is difficult for him to follow the wheel of a fifth Jonathan Rea.

Tom sykes

With nine laps remaining, the two BMWs take the top two positions. Do youThe double will be possible? It is not ruled out since the two pilots of the German brand are pulling each other trying to open a gap, although it is not enough to leave behind Tom Sykes' Kawasaki and Max Biaggi's Aprilia. The headline for the last five laps would be a: "anything can happen hereAnd in fact, it happens.

Leon Haslam gives himself "a walk through agriculture"in Fogarty's eses, as Valentín Requena would say. Marco Melandri takes advantage of that moment, imposes a very high rhythm, and put more than a second on Tom Sykes who rolls in second position. Two laps from the end, Marco Melandri leaves quite easily and the group of three riders who are after him, Jonathan Rea joins with the intention of trying something in the last bars.

Rea "he puts on the mask"and steals Max Biaggi's wallet on the last lap. Marco Melandri, with a good margin, passes the finish line first. Leon haslam provides the doublet by entering second followed by Tom sykes third. Jonathan Rea fourth in extremis and Max biaggi fifth. Finally our Carlos Checa he gets a sixth position as a profit from this first round. A first round to enjoy, especially in the last ten laps.

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