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The Radio-Podcast of motorcycles on the internet, all the current offer
The Radio-Podcast of motorcycles on the internet, all the current offer

This article, in theory, is part of a series. In practice, I am spacing them too much in time but I will be quoting the rest when I publish them. Everything revolves around the internet and it deals with the kind of pages we usually go through. We have long reviewed the websites of the main motorcycle manufacturers on the market, both Japanese and European brands. It remains to talk about internet forums and blogs since today we will try to see the biker-themed podcast offer.

Much has been debated and is debated about what a podcast is. If there is, or not, difference with a radio program. Some opinions say that the term podcast is the audio file itself, associated with a feed that keeps us updated. Therefore it does not make any difference between a totally amateur audio made by amateurs or the recording of a large commercial channel. There are those who think the opposite. They may both be right and we are in front of a dance of letters and not a debate. I personally believe that the audio locutions that concern us, call them podcasts or radio programs if you want, are clearly differentiated by the media both technical and human with which they are carried out.

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I repeat and emphasize that, for my taste, the dance of letters can make us call them podcasts, audio files, voice overs, radio programs, etc. I don't even make any difference as to whether they are broadcast strictly direct or are recorded and posted on the net for later use by Internet users. As I say, I make the difference depending on whether they are made by amateurs and born that way or by professionals. You may or may not agree with me, but I think what I am telling you is understandable. Regardless of the rigor or quality of the content, an audio created with a powerful support behind it is not the same as that of any top-notch radio station from our national scene, to that same audio created by someone almost anonymous with much less help at his fingertips.

There is no doubt that good means and comfortable budgets they are synonymous, as a general rule, of quality work. It is logical, more time to document, more exhaustive analysis of things testing every last detail. But there are examples of how with more discreet means great things are done. That is why I am going to focus with this article on reviewing the radio podcast offer, I will define them with both words, which are more amateur in nature to a greater or lesser extent. The radio programs on this topic, which exist, are of a high quality but, corseted in the usual formats, they are not the same.

Mirrors on the elbows

Mirrors on the elbows

A biker podcast, made by bikers, for everyone as stated in the header of your website. A podcast with its own name, Luis, which proposes a space where all people have a place since it accepts the collaboration of listeners. It deals with current affairs and makes a lot of emphasis on safety on motorcycle. We can find interviews in his podcast and very detailed analysis of equipment for the motorcycle and for the rider. There is a section of routes, tips for riding a motorcycle and it touches on mechanics.

Newbies and first-timers are also very taken into account by Luis when developing the program with experiences told by the fans themselves who are invited. There is no lack of a section where to comment on some of the market news. The magnificent leads, told as a story At the beginning of every episode of the podcast, they are a very personal stamp that quickly puts you "in the situation." He is currently going through chapter seven and is highly recommended.

I travel by motorcycle

I travel by motorcycle

As the name suggests, I travel by motorcycle is a travel podcast. I've gone bald behind my ears with this statement, huh? No, it's more than a motorcycle travel podcast, takes this concept to a higher level. Not for the fact of recounting authentic experiences of trips around the world and of many years of duration, but for the fact of transmitting those vital experiences and making them available to all fans. Breathtaking narratives of travelers who have discovered themselves on the motorcycle, people who have left everything they have and have abandoned their routine to travel by motorcycle.

It seems as if they rise up and see life from a bird's eye view with his soul put in mode, wide angle. But you don't have to go through the five continents with your motorcycle to have a place in I Travel by Motorcycle. The little trip the one that begins with oneself, has its place in this podcast. Tips for trips, connections and gatherings with travelers who are nomads at the moment can be found in this program. The handwritten travel chronicles on his blog are also not wasted as well as the careful music of the podcast. It is possible that chapter four is brewing as I write these lines. It is recommended to download it although, as is my case, you are not traveling on a motorcycle.

A2R or A2 Wheels podcast

A2R podcast

Podcast with extensive content in competition. If you are a fan of the A2R Motorcycle World Championships, it is highly recommended to be aware of disputed tests, chronicles, previews and classifications. In the interviews section, journalist Marc Martín, coach Ramón Forcada and pilots such as Julito Simón have gone through his podcast. They have eight published episodes to their credit.

I would especially highlight the episodes leading up to the race celebrations with gatherings on current affairs and status of pilots, teams, regulations, etc. Aimed, as I say, at competition lovers who want to be up-to-date in audio format.

Biker Talks

Biker talks

Another biker-themed podcast in a simple format. So simple that it is simply a matter of hitting the rec button and starting to record a conversation between friends like the ones you can have when you go out on the road and we sit in front of breakfast, where a colleague tells us that he wants to buy such a helmet or does not like such a pilot and debate is generated. There is no script and everything that has to do with motorcycles is discussed, although other current issues can also be discussed.

All that engraving without cuts "raw" This is what this podcast offers, always open to anyone who wants to collaborate and has a program to communicate like Skype and a simple microphone. Pablo de Valencia, a "lifelong" motorcycle fan, is at the helm of this space in which one of the collaborators who is usually fixed is the one who writes this article. An interesting format for those who listen to an episode and are encouraged to collaborate and chat for a while. Newly created, it has three episodes, two plus a pilot.


Clutch podcast

Currently this podcast project remains closed although a web page is maintained where all the audios were rescued for those who want to download them. It was the first radio podcast dedicated to the world of motorcycles in Spanish and whoever writes this to you was also involved. The format is very similar to the aforementioned Biker Talks.

For two years, the typical sound of the rattle of Ducati dry clutches was the protagonist of the intro of this podcast that finally had 18 episodes. Of those chapters, I personally prefer the heartbreaking story that Jordi Famoso told us one afternoon, a biker who was torn between life and death due to a fatal accident. As many people let me know back in the day, it was a tough but necessary episode.

Podcast microphone

As we can see, the radio podcast that talk about the motorcycle they are increasing in number and taking shape. In addition, each one is touching a specific aspect of the motorcycle world. Security, long trips, competition, informal gatherings, etc.. Radio podcasts, in addition to growing, point to totally different aspects from each other in some cases, but common in the motorcycle sector. From my point of view, lucky for all motorcycle fans as we have better and better offers to inform ourselves and spend our free time.

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