Ace Cafe in London; an engine temple
Ace Cafe in London; an engine temple

One of the great differences of this biker cafe with any other, as you pointed out in your comments, is its accumulated history. Its inauguration dates back to 1938 and although on several occasions it remained closed o even destroyed by bombing in WWII, always ended up coming out again to continue its legend, being without a doubt the oldest biker cafe in the world.

This symbol of British motorcycling is located quite far from central London. Getting off the tube and going down some rather gloomy streets, passing under the bridge of a large motorway, the dark night and the raging London rain are not the best letters of introduction for Ace Cafe London but perhaps that hostile environment makes when you discover its facade it seems to you that you have arrived at the refuge where you can rest and recover to have a fun time with fellow bikers.

Mural on the wall of Ace cafe

Be very clear that currently Ace Café is not only a biker bar. In it everything revolves around the world of motoring and in recent years cars are also an important part of all the activities that take place in the Ace Cafe. In fact, as every day there is a schedule of events with different activities that you can see on their website, you will notice that many car clubs organize their meetings there.

Ace cafe full

But as soon as you walk through the door you realize that its origin is fully biker and for this you just have to take a look at the stage, where live performances are also performed. There you will see some beautiful motorcycles exposed there. The food is very varied, you can eat from a portion of rib to a typical hamburger. That is, if accompanied by a good pint of beer and a constant flow of people whatever the day of the week, you go there to have a relaxed chat with your friends, have a quiet dinner or listen to a live performance.

Ace Motorcycles

If within the establishment the motoring environment is impressive in the parking lot in front of the Ace Cafe, it is much more so. It is always full of cars and motorcycles with people chatting around with their drinks in hand, and what is even more surprising that it demystifies the British rectitude, is being able to see how down the main street until you reach the roundabout real acceleration tests are spontaneously organized.

We can see go at full throttle both cars and motorcycles even on a night as rainy as the one we had on our visit to Ace. If you go to London you should not miss it.

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