Monza downpour sets Superbike championship on fire
Monza downpour sets Superbike championship on fire

Ghosts from the past reappear in SBK

It all started on Saturday with the arrival of the Superpole and the rain. We already told what happened but let me return to the subject so as not to get lost. Pirelli had brought six types of compounds for Monza knowing the demands of the Italian circuit. However the climatic conditions were changeable and unstable. With the arrival of the rain Pirelli wanted to advise teams: use the intermediate compound behind. Despite the warning the advice was completely ignored by the Superbike teams, riding rain tires behind that just fell apart in a few laps.

As Giorgio Barbier explains in a statement, the rain tires are to roll between 50º and 60º, but the truth is that practically the entire Monza circuit was dry, except for some areas where the trees kept moisture. Thus, on the long home straight for example, those tires exceeded 200º Of temperature. So the company had to build a new series of rain tires with a harder compound in the center band overnight on Saturday to have them ready by Sunday in the event of a downpour. Downpour that came, and that led to a series of decisions that have made teams like Effenbert Liberty Racing rethinks its participation in the championship.

We will all agree that the flood conditions of the first race were not the best for running. But what about the second? Let's see, the race of Superstock was played without major problems in even worse conditions than SBK, riding rain in front and intermediate behind. The people of Supersport, seeing that the tires had worked with the 1000cc, they took to the track with wet tires without major incidents to highlight. And here the mess begins, there were new rain tires and two intermediate compound options for Superbikes. So why was the race canceled? And what is more, Why was the start of the second test delayed?

Pirelli offered solutions to SBK teams

If you remember, you will remember that I was scheduled for 15.30. It should be emphasized again that after the red flag from the first race ran the Supersport category, drying the line and leaving the asphalt in really good condition. However, the start was delayed up to half an hour because at the time of going to the grid some of the "great" riders raised their hands wanting to warn of rain, although we did not see it. In fact, if it had not been so, we could have seen a full run in the dry. The gossips are dropping that each decision was in favor of certain Italian teams and drivers. Coincidences of life, in Italy and in an Italian championship, Max biaggi had been towed to his box by Carlos Checa since his Aprilia had said enough. The television pictures showed us to the entire Noale team desperately trying to fix RSV4 problems. If they needed time to fix it, they had it. But it seems that he was not the only one who benefited from this delay and is that Melandri may have voluntarily stopped his BMW S1000RR to delay the start even more - and for which you could be penalized. You will wonder why Marco, with the motorcycle cucumber that he carries, would want not to race. Well, like Max, the Italian had dropped out in the first race only that this one I had had a pretty heavy fall on the parabolic and, as you know, they only have one motorcycle available.

To give an example of what the spectators saw, when the drivers formed the grid behind the red flag, a group of drivers could be seen talking with Carlos Checa. There, in that circle, you could see Michel Fabrizio or Marco Melandri himself. Others like Sylvain Guintoli or Tom Sykes approached the group, listened to the conversation and they just went back to their position on the grid ignoring the comments of those pilots.

Hopefully tempers calm down and we get back to fair play and racing. Donington throws himself at us with a somewhat shaky scene.

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