Valentino Rossi to retire at the end of 2012
Valentino Rossi to retire at the end of 2012

I'm going? I'm not leaving?

The British newspaper The Telegraph It seems that they have nothing to do but post the first thing that comes to mind. And this morning they dropped the bomb that Valentino Rossi plans to retire at the end of the 2012 season and he has already commented on it to his closest circle. The news is backed by the basis that we all know, the lack of results, the complicated situation at Ducati, the possible lack of motivation and an endless list like a MotoGP race seem to support the British newspaper's claim.

What happens is that Valentino Rossi himself has been quick to categorically deny the news through Twitter:

A little later he said in Italian also on Twitter:

Total, and as we mentioned yesterday, it seems that the media is short of news And they have already started (in some cases on their own) to release stories about driver signings, team entries, team exits and so on with just three races out of 18 for the season. Or has Valentino Rossi dropped the bells early and the play went wrong? What I have clear is that they are hiding something from us, distracting us so that we do not realize how bad the MotoGP category is. Yes, MotoGP is a category in which no one who participates in it seems interested in changing. Something like that of "there can only be one" but with motorcycle factories in the middle, economic interests and others. But this is my personal opinion. Too much smoke, too soon.

Spanishirish who warned us before anyone else

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