The Ducati Caffe in Rome, a new "concept"
The Ducati Caffe in Rome, a new "concept"

Despite the fact that the creators and managers of the Ducati Caffe in Rome insist on presenting us this bar-restaurant signed by Ducati as a new “concept”, I see many similarities, saving distances and style, with other motorcycle bars with much more history like the Ace Cafe in London. But what is true is that the Italian talent and design It is present in each of its corners, impregnating the entire premises with special attention to quality and a classy environment.

Located in one of the most central squares of Rome next to the ruins of the four Roman temples of the “Largo di torre Argentina” we are surprised as soon as we walk through the door with an impressive Ducati 1198 hanging on the wall as if it were a painting. Motorcycle without trap or cardboard, ready to be used as soon as the special tires that fix it to the wall are changed. In fact, more or less every six months they replace the motorcycle that they have hanging.

Ducati Caffe bar

How could it be otherwise, the aesthetics of the premises is cared for down to the smallest detail, with its awesome carbon rod and the perfectly "dressed" tables where even the napkins are serigraphed with the Ducati Caffe logo takes you to a pleasant place where, wherever you look, you will see something related to the brand. Depending on the time you go you can enjoy different environments, you can have a coffee until six in the afternoon as well as sit down for lunch or dinner and even at the last minute you can go for a drink, since live music It also helps this nightly Pub atmosphere.

Ducati 1198 of the Ducati caffe

And just as it is difficult to see a Ducati circulating in Rome, it is also difficult to see a biker in the establishment, at least one biker who has ridden a motorcycle. We predominate the "tourists" attracted by curiosity, but beware that curiosity also has a price and the letter is not exactly cheap although it is not exorbitant in comparison with "the Roman sabers" in some parts of the city.

Ducati Caffe wall

Of course if you are a fan of the brand you will be in glory since you will not see anything other than the Ducati logo anywhere you look, but it is missing a bit more biker and less commercial atmosphere or franchisee, I don't know what to call it. This also undoubtedly helps, the part reserved for the Ducati store where you will find from the classic jackets or t-shirts to any other accessory of the brand that you can imagine such as Ducati perfume.

Fixing to the Wall

There are currently two active Ducati Caffe, one in Rome and one in Seoul, but a series of openings are planned in the geographic areas of the Middle and Far East and in the United States. In addition, the company has reserved a small "special bite" of the Ducati Café style, recreating at its headquarters in Borgo Panigale, its own Ducati Café Factory.

The next day it's your turn to take a look at the Ace Cafe in London and we can compare these two “cafes” for bikers.

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