A motorist denounces BMW because the seat of his motorcycle gave him an erection of 20 months
A motorist denounces BMW because the seat of his motorcycle gave him an erection of 20 months

Ahem… Dear readers:stunned I have stayed with the topicWell, yes, as it reads in the headline, but in the country of the stars and stripes flag. It is known that there for a hair in the soup they put a lawsuit on you. They are used to "do not leave home without your lawyer and your attorney, hey! The "tough" issue is that good old Henry Wolf, an American citizen and biker like the most, is about to take a ride with his BMW motorcycle. The source does not cite the motorcycle model. He sticks his four-hour route on the bike. Neither is anything said in this regard nor is there more information.

Did it come out of curve? Leather or sanity? I do not know how these people come out on their land with the motorcycle. I don't think you gave much of what we do here. Your lunch, chat with colleagues like: that if that hose, that if I have mounted a very hard wheel … Anyway, what am I going to tell you that you don't know! Total, that back home He observes, dumbfounded, how his virile device has an important erection along with intense pain. It must be the engine vibrations, he must have thought. Or it is the seat that I do not get the position well. The shocking thing is that this happened on May 1, but of the year 2010. So that, take account! How long this man has been in that position!

BMW K 1300GT

As we say, in the news the motorcycle model is not given, It is only said that it is from the BMW brand. Could it be a BMW K 1300GT like the one in the photo ?, or a Chris Pfeiffer version F 800R like the one in this article. Our man has sued the manufacturer BMW and Corbin-Pacific, the company that makes your motorcycle seat. He alleges that he has suffered emotional and physical consequences during all these months. His sex life has been seriously affected, he says. And he asks for compensation, obviously.

The problem is that the doctors do not see this shed at all clear because they claim they do not have scientific data to support what Henry Wolf states in his lawsuit, although they recognize that there are studies that show damage when the neurovascular supply to the genitals is compressed if it is mounted on motorcycle or bicycle for extended periods of time. This causes the affected area to go numb for a long time.

Priapism is called the disease, and it consists of an erection of the penis that does not return to the flaccid state for a long time. The truth is that, personally, I don't know what to think. If this is so, then this man has already had to have a bad time and forgive me for the joking tone. But come on, I no longer believe anything. !Live to see!.

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