Honda CBR 400R, you'll see it but you won't taste it
Honda CBR 400R, you'll see it but you won't taste it

It seems that Honda's design department does not only come out with medium-displacement utility bikes, such as the Honda NC700X, Honda NC700S or even Honda Integra. There is also someone who cares about the Japanese domestic market and its 400cc sports car segment. Thus, and taking into account the translation that they have made of a Japanese magazine, Honda could be preparing the replacement of the Honda VFR 400 NC30. The option would be this Honda CBR 400R, let's take a look at the available data.

According to Visordown we would be in front of a motorcycle that would come to occupy the gap between current Honda CBR 250R and CBR600RR. And to be located halfway between the two, this new Honda would have a two-cylinder engine of approximately 400 cc that would offer a good 50 CV. What does it look good for? And it would be as simple as putting together a pair of 250cc engines to get an interesting modular engine. So we could have a motorcycle with the sporty characteristics of a 600 but with about half the power. It would also fit perfectly in the current A2 card.

But, and there is always a but, this motorcycle seems exclusively destined for the Japanese domestic market or at most it would reach one of the Asian markets. So far no one has said anything that we can enjoy in Europe. Cruel fate of the European bikerIf you want to enjoy a medium-displacement motorcycle with sporting aspirations, you have to scratch your pocket, buy a 600 cc with more than 100 hp and pay taxes and insurance accordingly.

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