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Victory Vision Tour, test (highway driving and passenger)
Victory Vision Tour, test (highway driving and passenger)

Each motorcycle has its own style and that style usually sets the environment in which it performs best. Of course I knew that as soon as I started rolling highway, the Victory Vision Tour it would feel like a fish in water. And boy did he feel in his environment. We increased the speed to approximately 120 km / h and relaxed in the huge seat. We put sixth, completely overdrive speed that allows the engine to turn low of turns and we regulate the screen in its highest position from the control located on the left pineapple. It is time to do kilometers.

The first thing I feel at your command is the most absolute comfort. The protection is maximum and the posture almost perfect. The feet are comfortably located on the platforms, very long platforms that allow you to go with your feet fully stretched if you want or more tucked, in a more common position. The arms rest comfortably on the handlebars and the hands are perfectly protected behind the front end.

The Mirrors They are right there, behind the handlebars and in a relatively low position. The backward view is only correct since in half of them we see our own mirrored hands. But it is enough with a simple movement of the head to one side or the other to increase our field of vision.

Victory Vision Tour

The vision in front behind the screen It is good as long as you measure up to about 1.80. If you are taller, the edge of the screen will coincide exactly in your line of sight so you will have to either play a little with its height or slide a little in the seat, in order to lose those centimeters that nature (or the Cola-Cao bowls) they gave you.

From under the left fist there is a remote control used to operate the audio equipment. On the highway, the music coming from the four speakers of the Victory Vision Tour continues to be heard very well, allowing you to travel from one place to another wrapped in your favorite tunes.

On the other side, under the throttle grip, the remote control for cruise control. It works the same as that of a car, with three buttons in which each of them do double duty: on / off, res / acc, set / dec. For my taste they are a little low since you have to move your hand a lot to reach them comfortably with your thumb, but they are handled in a very comfortable way without even having to look at them when you know their location.

Victory Vision Tour

It perfectly maintains the speed and as soon as we touch any of the brakes it disconnects. While driving with it, we continue to have control over the throttle, so if at some point we want to increase speed momentarily, we will only have to accelerate and then regain speed.

It's a little rough when we unplug it. If we are with the throttle closed, the motorcycle will lose speed very quickly if before we have not taken the precaution of placing the accelerator at full throttle. The two-cylinder as such has a lot of retention and it shows as soon as we stop accelerating it.

Just like on the road, the Victory Vision Tour is again very agile for size, weight and inertia it should have at those speeds. The suspensions filter so well that the bike seems to be floating on the asphalt rather than rolling, but without ever losing confidence due to lack of tread.

Victory Vision Tour, the pampered passenger and the house in tow

Victory Vision Tour

If the front is comfortable, I don't even want to imagine how it will travel in the back. I wanted to take the armchair home, attach some wheels and leave it as a chair in front of the computer. The bad thing about these tests outside Asturian territory is that I can't take the test passenger with me, but this time, when I took a break on the banks of the Pisuerga, I changed my routine.

Instead of sitting in a bar to recharge my batteries, I parked the Victory Vision Tour on the riverbank, grabbed a can of soda and I took it installed in the back seat, relaxed, listening to music and taking advantage of the sun on the last day of April.

I could see that the feet relax in both platforms, two handles on the sides allow you to hold on, although more to change your position than to travel because with the back of the top case that practically reaches up to to mid back, it is impossible to fall. Here if I would throw myself a good naps As they rock me from one place to another The bike is American, but the designer surely knows that the siesta here is sacred.

Victory Vision Tour

And speaking of sleeping, you don't have to leave your pajamas at home so that the suitcase occupies less. In the suitcases of the Victory Vision Tour you can store everything you want. Its total capacity is 110 liters divided into three, two sides and the top case that we mentioned and in each of them you can enter up to a maximum of twenty kilos. The upper case also has a 12V cigarette lighter socket so we can carry recharging the razor, for example, and even courtesy light for when it is night. All locks are operated with the same key as the motorcycle's ignition key.

In addition, at the front, to the left of the radio controls and above the tank, we have a glove box of enough capacity and with another 12V cigarette lighter socket. It is ideal for the mobile phone, the wallet, the toll card … In addition, it carries centralized lock so that when we park the motorcycle and lock the steering, the glove compartment is also locked, preventing other people's friends from screaming at us.

Symmetrical to this glove box is the access to the fuel tank by means of a similar cover but that is opened from the ignition lock, turning the key to the left instead of to the right. The cap does not have a hinge or string, but right next to it it has a specially designed space to fit it while we refuel. The tank capacity is 22.7 liters.

Victory Vision Tour

The Friday, in the fourth and last part of the test, you will be able to see it in motion in the video that we have recorded for the test, plus some details and see the final assessment that throws in our scale.

But in addition, we have also saved a small surprise. What do you think of a small contact with another Victory, but of one of the models in the series signed by Ness? We will talk about her.

Thanks to the Local Police of Simancas and Valladolid for the facilities to carry out the photo sessions.

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