Recalls 1,414 BMW S1000RR
Recalls 1,414 BMW S1000RR

In response to the news published by Asphalt & Rubber last Friday, April 27, the NHTSA has published a Recall for 1,414 BMW S1000RR, specifically for those manufactured between September 1, 2011 and April 10, 2012 because it has been detected that they have a problem with the connecting rod bolts. Screws that can loosen in certain circumstances of high temperature or high engine performance. Being able to cause very serious breakdowns in the engine of the aforementioned motorcycles.

During the month of May, BMW will contact the owners of the affected motorcycles so that they can visit their workshops to carry out checks on their engine and, if necessary, replace these screws. From Motorpasión Moto we have contacted BMW Ibérica who have informed us that There are only 35 units of these motorcycles in our country, and that all of them have already been called for review. On the other hand, it seems that most of these defective units have not yet left the BMW factory, so the problem would be minimized to the maximum.

So far the known facts. Unfortunately, researching on the subject has turned up a unfortunate accident which occurred at the beginning of April in a few batches in the Motorland circuit of Aragon. In that accident the pilot of a BMW S1000RR died. This pilot, apparently, suffered an engine breakdown that caused him to fall after leaving an oil stain on the track. That stain caused the fall of other pilots who were running after him, these pilots unfortunately ran over the first accident victim who died from his injuries.

In some forums you can read a correlation that directly implies this accident with the engine problems of some BMW S1000RR units, but once again put to talk with BMW Ibérica explain to us that they have no record of this relationship although they have contacted BMW Germany anyway and are waiting to hear from you. We trust that as soon as we know something more about the subject we can pass it on to you. Meanwhile we add our condolences to the family of the deceased.

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