Is there a crisis to buy motorcycles? The second-hand market
Is there a crisis to buy motorcycles? The second-hand market

I cannot stop sharing with you, the readers, this reflection after having recently passed through the experience of selling my motorcycle in the second-hand market. Although it is not the first time that I play the role of salesperson. The truth is that all the motorcycles I have owned have become part of the sales lists of used motorcycles and the panorama has changed a lot ever since I sold that Suzui Bandit 600N that gave me so much joy in its time.

There are no secrets in this regard, nor have I had loose budgets. Simply if you like to release a new model from time to time and are scrupulous with the care of your motorcycles, you can sell the one you have before it loses too much value in the second-hand market. Not without some sacrifice, you add some money to adults, and you can change the model and try other types of frames. So far everything is perfect. Well, I would change the "up to here" for a: until the crisis, because the happy economic recession has changed the market a lot.

Bandit 600N

The motorcycles, despite everything, are sold. Much less, of course, but they are sold. I have no doubt about that based on the information I receive from people in the sector. The new motorcycle goes through a bad time and the second-hand one has more acceptance. Especially the latter if it is offered at the dealer itself, rather than directly at a private level, due to the guarantee that many stores assume. We must indicate that transactions between individuals carry an implicit guarantee six months as required by law.

The problem is that I call it poisoned warranty, but it exists. If someone sells you a motorcycle with a hidden vice that later causes you to have problems, you can defend yourself. But it will cost you a lot of effort and money. First, you must demonstrate through an expert opinion that the seller has indeed concealed a serious fault from you. Money. Subsequently, do not think of going with a consumer claim since you must find a lawyer and go to trial. More money. The Civil Code includes this guarantee for six months, but? …

In my specific case I have sold one Triumph Street Triple of the year 2010 And unlike my previous motorcycles sold, this time it was the buyers who have sadly surprised me. Messages like: I'll give you 3000 euros right now, have been a regular in my email inbox. Amen of the most strange excuses alluding to the famous crisis. My answers in this regard have always been the same. And is that to buy motorcycles there is no crisis, to buy bread yes. I put you in situation.

Sport 1000

Triumph Street Triple 675 of the year 2010, registered in 2011. 18,000km on its marker made in a year and a month, with some extras and one year of official guarantee for consuming, maintenance book sealed and blah blah blah, you know, impeccable. We all treat the bike well, right?. I will not stop to discuss the price since I do not pretend that with this article. I am also very happy that the person who finally got the motorcycle was very consistent and serious. A person who will have in this Triumph Street Triple his first big motorcycle and many illusions deposited in it.

I have had the feeling that there are people who think that everything that is sold second hand, especially vehicles, it is by imperative necessity. It may in some case be so, without a doubt. The recession has touched the leisure area of ​​many Spaniards, who, on occasions, must dispense with their precious assets to cover other more essential or basic aspects of life. But from dispensing with a good to giving it away there is an abyss. And this is what has caught my attention, they come out "merchants”Even under the stones.

Prices in general have become cheaper and it is a very good time to buy. This I think we are all clear, but Nobody gives hard four pesetas. You have to think that just as the crisis has served to erase a lot of pirates from the world of motorcycles, (verbatim words that I read to Pepo Rosell from Radical Ducati), you also have to look closely at used motorcycles. Due to the lower purchasing power, there are those who lengthen the reviews or even does not do maintenance of motorcycles to save as much money as possible before selling.

Monster 696

One of the touchy buyers of my ex-Triumph Street Tiple 675 kept asking me if the bike was in perfect condition. Said that I had seen up to seven motorcycles and they all had something wrong, including one with parts of the sides of the tail visibly broken. He got into a serious argument with one of the vendors since it is very annoying to waste time and money on a trip to see a motorcycle that does not match the description or status of your sale advertisement.

Even having the motorcycle advertised in one of the very common used motorcycle sales portals on the net that we all know, the buyer has let me know that it is within a forum of fans of the Triumph Street Triple and Speed ​​Triple where he saw the advertisement and became interested in the motorcycle. It seemed safer to search in a small community of users, where a very high percentage of them know each other, and in which the buying and selling section is monitored to avoid undesirable sellers. I do not mean to say that some websites or portals are better than others, but what this person pointed out to me makes sense.

It is always said that the one who sells wants to get the most money from the transaction and the one who buys to save as much as possible but motorcycles are a leisure and luxury item to some extent. I believe that we should not forget this from any point of view, neither as sellers nor as buyers. I still think, as I said before, that to buy motorcycles there is no crisis. Do youYou have recently sold or bought a motorcycle?.

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