Supersport Italia 2012: Jules Cluzel gets his first win
Supersport Italia 2012: Jules Cluzel gets his first win

Cluzel debuts at Monza

Late and still with the question of whether they could run without problems. The Supersport boys filled the Monza grid almost 15 minutes behind the scheduled start time. Luckily the clouds respected the 600cc and the race went smoothly. Well, I withdraw it, it passed without rain because the only ones who were saved from falling were the commentators and the cameras, and because they were seated … With lower losses than Chelsea in the next Champions League final Jules Cluzel got his first win in the category.

A first place earned with dedication, patience and determination at the key moment. The second classified was Sam Lowes, who sought, like May water, the top of the drawer. The Brit was the one in charge of giving life to a thick race only encouraged by the risk that some pilots took in search of a better position. Among these were the always dedicated CIV wildcards or people like Kenan Sofuoglu - although only when he saw that he was losing too many points -.

When the Italian traffic light was off, Sam couldn't take advantage of his advantage with the fastest time in practice, but the chicane-shaped funnel ended up doing him a great favor. In first position was placed, even with an advantage of several meters, the pilot of Ten Kate, Broc parkes. After him, Lowes, Cluzel and the Turk Kenan Sofuoglu. The Australian, who hasn't hit the ball for a long time, He did not even turn around the Monza circuit losing control after braking too hard on Roggia. We are left with this point because the gossips say that after the checkered flag they have set up a second-hand market with the collected pieces. This left Sam in the lead with Jules quite close, while Ronarn Quamby, Toth, Kenan and Fabien Foret battled for a lead spot.

In that fight came one of the great scares of the day. Ronarn a highside was marked when leaving Lesmo that left him in the middle of the track in front of a pack of pilots with bloodshot eyes. Luckily they were able to dodge it but during those seconds no one in the paddock said a word. Laps later Morais I was fired from his mount and it was embedded against the protections with such bad luck of go bouncing in the direction of the South African pilot. Ahead Sam was advancing to victory closely followed by his French teammate.

Sam lowes monza

Arrived at the halfway point of the race Sam couldn't help but go straight for the mixture of mud, gravel and grass of Monza leaving the leadership in the hands of Cluzel. However, the advantage they had over the third classified was enough for the Briton to continue in second position on his return to the track. He did not give up and continued to risk until he reached Jules' tail. when there were some curves left. Sam stuck to his boxer's Honda CBR600RR to brake a thousandth later and lead to the parabolic. However, the young pilot had forced just enough to leave a small gap that he took advantage of Jules for recover the position in the middle of the curve and reach the goal with enough advantage to be champion.

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