MotoGP Portugal 2012: Two, four, six, the rest, the bends and blows to the tail
MotoGP Portugal 2012: Two, four, six, the rest, the bends and blows to the tail

A pity that the Estoril Circuit fall out of the world speed championship next season. Mention apart from the low prices that the organizer, intelligently, has thrown to the ground, and has made the circuit present an impressive full house. It may be hard for me to say this but personally, in any case, a Grand Prix on Spanish territory could be dispensed with and the fans of Portugal not deprived of this great event. Sadly they have not been able to see their local driver on the track, Miguel Oliveira, due to problems in its mount.

But personal opinions aside, this Portuguese GP in the Moto3 category, has had in its race development to the pilots grouped at the head in pairs. A total of six pilots two by two and the rest of the squad very stretched behind. In the end Sandro Cortese takes the victory, a couple of blows on the tail of his motorcycle by an angry Maverick Viñales with some doubled as spectators.

Maverick Viñales

The matter began with a Maverick Viñales and Sandro Cortese they left with Luis Salom and Zulfahmi Khairuddin. Somewhat more delayed, Dany Kent and Romano Fenati They fought although Romano Fenati was left out of the pool due to a fall and lost the leadership of the category. Viñales and Cortese finally ran away. The next two couples were made up of Luis Salom, Zulfahmi Khairuddin and still somewhat delayed, Efren Vázquez and Niccoló Antonelli.

The bulk of the squad was behind the Italian and Recalde, constantly exchanging positions. A platoon with Alex Rins and Héctor Faubel as outstanding Spanish pilots. Some calm until the end of the race in which, five laps from the end, Maverick Viñales and Sandro Cortese study and prepare the strategy to follow to win the first position.

Luis Salom

Finally they come close together to the last corner with Sandro Cortese ahead and some bent driver who, despite what was expected, did not bother the two drivers who were fighting for victory. Slipping war on the home straight which ends with Maverick Viñales and Sandro Cortese separated but heading in the same direction. Maverick Viñales stays straight, Sandro Cortese goes diagonally but he had come out of the last corner first.

In the end Sandro Cortese takes the first position with a Maverick Viñales complaining because he understands that, since he is on the straight path, Sandro Cortese takes him off the track. A few pats from Máverick Viñales as a blow to the tail of Cortese's motorcycle are clearly seen in the images of the television broadcast. Let each one judge for himself. Third place on the podium for Luis Salom.

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