MotoGP Portugal 2012: They can't with Casey Stoner
MotoGP Portugal 2012: They can't with Casey Stoner

Much has been made of Australian Casey Stoner throughout this past week. Rumors, more or less accurate, in some media about his possible withdrawal. Note that its renewal was being negotiated…. Or the well-known problems with your forearms due to compartment syndrome. But Casey Stoner continues to make a difference and take his Honda to the top with unmistakable riding style. In this Portuguese GP it has not been less and has occupied the first position of the podium with a resounding victory.

The second place for Jorge Lorenzo who has not supported the rhythm of Casey stoner, especially in the last laps. The third party is a Dani pedrosa who has the honor of reaching the figure of 100 podiums. Behind the two Yamaha satellites of the Tech3 with Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow. Very little "chicha" in a race that affects the continuity that we are seeing in just three races of the MotoGP World Championship. The CRTs do not give the expected game even in the TV broadcast with a Aleix Espargaró as the "king" of the CRT.

Jorge Lorenzo

The truth is that little else can be added to the chronicle from what was seen today at the Estoril Circuit. Especially after the good taste in the mouth that leaves a category as competitive as Moto2. It seems that the MotoGP cake is going to be shared between Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa. Casey Stoner comes out, takes the lead and imposes a regular and very high pace until the end of the race. Jorge Lorenzo seems to be there but finally he can't. Take out the calculator and see how many points you can score by climbing to the second drawer of the podium.

For his part Dani pedrosa He goes well but suffers a whiplash in the first corner that relegates him to third position that he will not abandon until the end of the race. Do youDani Pedrosa's Honda has more margin? Should he risk? He took, like Jorge Lorenzo, the calculator to see those points added for third place ?. It is not known, but what is clear is that if those behind do not risk, Casey Stoner seems to have no rival.

Aleix Espargaró

Behind Tech3 guys looked like they were running a twin race. I'm talking about Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow. Alvaro Bautista regrets because it should be in normal condition ahead of the Yamaha of the Tech3. Although something has improved, Valentino rossi With the Ducati, they await the next tests like May water. Stefan bradl You must be happy with your ninth position for a rookie. The other Yamaha officer, Ben spies, he did not just take the pulse of his MotoGP well.

Aleix Espargaró struggles with an injured person, Randy de Puniet, for being crowned the best CRT of the day in a day that, except for the images of the oldest of the Espargaró in the corralito, little else has been seen than what was to be the salvation of the category. Time will have to be given to the CRTs. A chronicle that could well have titled: “more of the same“.

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