MotoGP Portugal 2012: Last lap of heart attack in Moto2
MotoGP Portugal 2012: Last lap of heart attack in Moto2

Television shots continue to impress of the Moto2 groups that form in the first curves of the Estoril Circuit layout in this 2012 Portuguese GP. Marc Márquez he takes the cat to the water in the last bars of this race with an end not suitable for the faint of heart. Pol Espargaro He enters second position saving a whiplash from his motorcycle on the last lap in the middle of the curve. The third, Thomas luthi, who cannot with the Spanish, but the important thing is to score points for the final classification.

Very competitive race with two groups of drivers, one of four drivers ahead and another of eight behind that we will comment on below. Mention the good performance of Johann zarco for his fourth place considering that he makes his debut in the category. Some fall, luckily without regretting personal consequences for Yuki Takahashi, Axel Pons and Esteve Rabat. Podium for the first three leaders of the general table at this Estoril Circuit.

Marc Marquez Estoril

In the early stages of the race, after the impressive crowded groups common in the category, two clearly defined groups are formed. Ahead, the first group of four riders with Thomas Luthi, Marc Márquez, Pol Espargaró and Jhoann Zarco. In just two laps they escape with an Andrea Iannone who joins the party but finally can't keep up and drops out of the top four by hitting a straight on one of the curves. Thomas Luthi is the pilot who constantly wants to land in the middle but can't get off the ground either.

The head of the race prevents it. The one who in the end can not with the rhythm that is set is Johann zarco that he must take out the calculator to keep fourth place and score some very valuable points. It remains in no man's land while the fight ahead is disputed between Thomas Luthi, Marc Márquez and Pol Espargaró. But, as we say, there is another group of up to eight riders behind contesting another race.

Pol Espargaró Estoril

Among them we have some of ours like Julito Simón or Toni Elías, in addition to Simone Corsi or Scott Redding among others. Returning to the head of the race, six laps from the end, Marc Márquez and Pol Espargaró leave Thomas Luthi behind and give us a heart attack finish. They are measured and tested where you can apply your strategy. Pol Espargaro test with the slipstream on the finish line but when leaving the aspiration of Marc Márquez the bike remains somewhat stuck.

Finally after some overtaking, Pol Espargaro he gets into a corner and his motorcycle whips him that makes him Marc Márquez have to dodge it. About to go down the two of them and Pol Espargaro Almost leaving behind, he can maintain second place on the podium. In front Marc Márquez and in third position, Thomas luthi.

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