The wobbly wheels rally, travel around India with a Scooter
The wobbly wheels rally, travel around India with a Scooter

It is not the first time that we talk about this type of rally, nor will it surely be the last, and it is without a doubt that this type of adventure is worth it, either because of the courage of those who venture out on their own around the world or because of those who they join adventures as crazy as The wobbly wheels rally to tour the Indian Kashmir on a Scooter. The best thing about this case is that you do not need to take the motorcycle from home, since the organization itself facilitates the purchase of a Scooter in the city where the rally starts. They also take care of organizing two or three days of driving training in Indian traffic.

In the adventure section, if you do not have enough to survive the traffic, the organization will give you two weeks before the departure date a series of challenges of which you must complete at least half. Luckily no one says that if you do not comply they will disqualify you or something like that. The last detail is that you will not be able to use a GPSAs support, you will only have a series of detailed maps of the area that the organization and your social skills will give you to get help from the locals.

The fun part, as we have already told you, is that the motorcycles allowed in this rally are only scooters or small displacement mopeds. No more than a liter BMW and no bomb-proof Royal Enfield. In fact in all advertising what appears over and over again are the ubiquitous Bajaj or Indian Made Vespa. Motorcycles with mechanics that are not designed to climb the Himalayas but that 65 years after their first design continue to roll around the world like the first day.

Vespa in New Dheli (India)

Registration costs 250 euros per motorcycle and no matter how many people go over it. This registration allows you, in addition to participating, to access the previous driving courses, get a set of detailed maps of the area and the necessary permits to reach the most remote areas of the Himalayas. In addition to a commemorative shirt and to participate in the start and finish parties and the cricket match against a local team before starting the rally. Looking online, the plane ticket to Nueva Dheli is around 700 euros, plus another 100 euros for the flight to Chandigarh (the city where the rally starts). Add to that the price of an Indian Scooter and the expenses of surviving three weeks in India and you have an adventurous trip that few can boast.

So you already know, if you have some money saved and you have three or four weeks of vacation in September of this year, you can register and start the procedures to participate in The wobbly wheels rally.

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