Pilots are tough guys, but not that tough
Pilots are tough guys, but not that tough

Last Sunday, as the Jerez races interrupted the endless succession of television commercials, I stumbled upon a motorcycle campaign of the insurance company that sponsors Team Aspar in Moto2. So it is logical that the pilots of the aforementioned team appear in it, in addition to their own Jorge Martinez "Aspar" and the fireproof Angel Nieto. The ads at first make you smile, especially the one about Nieto dominating a gang member much taller than him with one finger. In the other we see how Nico Terol and Toni Elías they can withstand lightning and a telegraph pole without fussing while their motorcycles stop. So far more or less well.

The but comes when analyzing the subject you realize that they present the pilots as invulnerable, and by assimilation to the motorcycle drivers who take out this insurance. It is very good that they help you in case of an accident and that they have a van-workshop for assistance. But I think it is too dangerous to present someone (no matter how rider they may be) as invulnerable on a motorcycle. It should be remembered that on a motorcycle the weakest part is always the rider, never the other way around, even if he is several times world champion. It could mislead some influential users, with fatal consequences. Is there no other way to show how good company insurance is?

Below you can see the videos in question:

What if what the pilots are very tough guys and everything you want, but they are also the image to be imitated by many people and These campaigns can lead to dangerous mistakes.

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