They find the owner of the Harley Davidson of the tsunami
They find the owner of the Harley Davidson of the tsunami

They find the owner of this Harley Davidson

Last Monday Carlos D. told us about a Harley Davidson that had crossed the Pacific Ocean pushed by the force of the tsunami that devastated Miyagi prefecture in Japan on March 11, 2011. Today we have seen in some news that they have already found the owner. There are times when this global village is a bit scary.

Although luckily for Ikuo Yokoyama, that's the name of the owner of the motorcycle, things seem to be going a little better from now on. Unfortunately, in the catastrophe, he lost three people from his family and his home. Among the belongings that the water took was this Harley Davidson that was stored in a container. He bought the bike five years ago and I don't think he thought about ever seeing it again.

The Japanese subsidiary of Harley Davidson has been the one that has been in charge of locating the owner, and now they offer to repatriate it and restore it to origin free of charge for the owner. Without a doubt, those responsible for the brand know how to advertise themselves. And what publicity! Ikuo has said that when he sees her again he will simply say "thank you for coming home", these Japanese …

Thanks to Compostolo for the warning while we were working on the issue.

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