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Adam Raga and Toni Bou share the victories at the start of the Trial World Championship
Adam Raga and Toni Bou share the victories at the start of the Trial World Championship

The Trial World Championship 2012 started last weekend in the French town of La Bresse in a double day marked by the hard fight between Adam raga (Gas Gas) and Toni Bou (Montesa). In the end the victory went to the side of the first, closing an entirely Spanish podium Albert Cabestany (Sherco), who also had a close fight with Jeroni Fajardo (Beta).

The second day however Toni Bou He was done with the victory and also with the leadership of the championship since Adam Raga did not pass the fifth place. The podium was again Spanish and again with a very close fight between Jeroni Fajardo who was second and Albert Cabestany, who was repeating the third position.

Adam Raga starts by tightening the pegs to Toni Bou:

Podium France first day

On the first day, the start was very tight. Adam raga he finished the first lap in first position with 2 penalty points while Toni Bou was second with three. Albert Cabestany was already moving away a bit since he had left ten points along the way and Jeroni Fajardo 17.

In the second round Adam raga penalized another six, enough to take the victory since a fiasco of Toni Bou in zone two he left him with seven points this past, adding a total of ten, two more than his rival. Albert cabestany He completed a second round similar to the first but Jeroni Fajardo practically crossed it, with only five penalty points, which allowed him to cut all the distance that Sherco's took him and tie with him on points.

The third position of the drawer then had to be decided based on the total number of zeros that each one accumulated on the card. Albert Cabestany had three more than Jeroni Fajardo so third place went to him. Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa), Toni Bou's teammate, completed the first five positions.

Toni Bou takes revenge and the leadership:

Toni Bou

The second day again the qualifications were very tight, especially in the fight for second and third place. Although Jeroni Fajardo finished the first round at the top of the standings with only two penalty points, one less than Toni Bou, the second round of Montesa was much better.

In addition, Beta's man made a mistake that not only led to the victory of Toni Bou but also made Albert cabestany, who penalized three in this second pass, tied on points with him. Again it was necessary to resort to the tiebreaker by zeros but this time both had the same number so we had to look at the total time to do the zones. Jeroni Fajardo He had invested six minutes less than Albert Cabestany, taking second place.

Podium France second day

Two others who tied were the Japanese Takahisha Fujinami and Adam Raga, who was doing very well until a fiasco in the second round plunged him in the classification to fifth place. And it is that in these trials with such tight scores, an error means a significant loss of positions.

The next appointment will be held on May 26 in Australia. It will be the first time that the Trial World Championship visits this continent.

Classification Trial of France 2012 first day: * 1. Adam Raga (Gas Gas), 8 points (2 + 6) * 2. Toni Bou (Montesa), 10 points. (3 + 7) * 3. Albert Cabestany (Sherco), 22 pts. (10 + 12) * 4. Jeroni Fajardo (Beta), 22 pts. (17 + 5) * 5. Takahisha Fujinami (Montesa), 35 pts. (20 + 15)

France Trial Classification 2012 second day: * 1. Toni Bou (Montesa), 7 points (3 + 4) * 2. Jeroni Fajardo (Beta), 14 points. (2 + 12) * 3. Albert Cabestany (Sherco), 14 pts. (11 + 3) * 4. Takahisha Fujinami (Montesa), 18 pts. (12 + 6) * 5. Adam Raga (Gas Gas), 18 pts. (6 + 12)

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