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The 2012 Spanish Supermotard Championship starts in Villena with magnificent duels
The 2012 Spanish Supermotard Championship starts in Villena with magnificent duels

This past weekend the first date of the Spanish Supermotard Championship 2012 in the Alicante town of Villena. The Chicharra Karts Circuit of Villena hosted for the second time a test of the Spanish Championship that also this 2012 has changed the name of its categories: SMOpen, SMromesas, SMA amateurs, SMA amateurs 30 and SMRoad. In addition, drivers can choose whether to run on tires. Michelin or Goldentyre, the same ones used in the specialty world cup.

On the grills, familiar faces and others not so many but in all of them, magnificent duels. To highlight especially the one that was in SMOpen among the current Champion of Spain. Francesc Cucharrera and Israel Escalera, which were given up and down, especially in the first round. Let's see what the races gave us, in addition to the magnificent snapshots that, as on other occasions, our colleague Ginés Romero has provided us:

Joan López wins SMAficionado 30

CeSMotard 2012 Villena

The first to hit the track were the riders of the categories of SMAmateur and SMAmateur 30 although the first one was only registered Isaac melian and it was definitely not his weekend as starting from pole on the first lap of the first heat he would hit the ground and break his collarbone.

Mathew ford dunn He took the lead then and did not release it until the checkered flag, followed by Joan López and Óscar Moce. In the second sleeve Joan Lopez He was the one who took the victory and with it the first place in the podium box while Mathew Ford Dunn was second and Óscar Moce repeated the third position.

Francesc Cucharrera and Israel Escalera, magnificent duel at SMOpen:

CeSMotard 2012 Villena

The next to take to the asphalt were the pilots of SMOpen and SMPromes. Israel Escalera started from pole and shortly after Francesc Cucharrera overtook him. It would not last long ahead of the KTM as in the gravel zone, he was back to second position again. They were like that throughout the entire round, although the one who saw the checkered flag first was Israel Staircase followed by Francesc Cucharrera and Anthony Ford Dunn.

In the second round everyone expected a similar fight but we were left with the desire since Israel Escalera fell to the ground in the dirt area and nothing stood between them. Francesc Cucharrera and victory. The one from SRS spent the whole sleeve going back and even got in touch with the one from KTM again, but it was not enough to snatch the victory from him. Alejandro Jover, in the SMPromesas category, was third.

SMOpen's drawer was crowned at the top by Francesc Cucharrera with Israel Escalera second and Anthony Ford Dunn third, who was fourth in the second and final heat.

CeSMotard 2012 Villena

On the other hand, in the category of SMPromises the victory in the first round was taken David gimenez followed by Alejandro Jover and Gastón García. In the second it was his own Alexander jover as we said, the one who won with Gastón García and Xavier Rodríguez second and third. In the general computation, Alexander jover He took the victory ahead of David Giménez and Gastón García.

The next appointment will be on June 17 at the Lleida fairgrounds, on an urban circuit.

Provisional general classification SMOpen CeSMotard 2012: * 1. Francesc Cucharrera, 45 points. * 2. Israel Escalera, 45 pts. * 3. Anthony Ford Dunn, 29 pts. * 4. Alejandro Jover, 26 pts. * 5. Ángel Grau, 22 pts.

Provisional general classification SMPromises CeSMotard 2012: * 1. Alejandro Jover, 45 points. * 2. David Giménez, 38 pts. * 3. Gastón García, 36 pts. * 4. Xavier Rodríguez, 26 pts. * 5. Joan LLadós, 23 pts.

Provisional general classification SMAficionado / SMAmateur 30 CeSMotard 2012: * 1. Joan López, 45 points. * 2. Mathew Ford Dunn, 45 pts. * 3. Óscar Moce, 32 pts. * 4. Joan Serra, 24 pts. * 5. Lluis Montala, 21 pts.

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