The flying motorcycle from Star Wars It works
The flying motorcycle from Star Wars It works

Our colleague L. Font showed us a few months ago how it is possible to see Storm Troopers playing in the dunes of Tatooine with their dirt bikes. Continuing with the saga, I bring you today what we could call the flying motorcycle from star warsThis assuming that due to the position of the rider astride and holding a kind of handlebar, we can consider it within "the biker species".

Although watching the videos that are uploaded to the network about this flying artifact some seem like a full-fledged fake, I believe and hope not to be mistaken that the artifact is real, it exists. It also has a certain autonomy of movement by itself as can be seen in the tests that have been carried out in the Mohave desert.

The motorcycle totally inspired by the legendary Star Wars movie, is not nearly as fast, nor as agile, its maximum speed is 48 km / h. Its creators, who are clear that their prototype will not be intended for the general public, think more that its use will come more from the hand of the military. But from what is seen in the videos until the prototype is a little "more drivable" there is still a lot of development ahead

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