Yamaha XJ6 2013 range, a slight aesthetic renovation and we continue
Yamaha XJ6 2013 range, a slight aesthetic renovation and we continue

The current ones Yamaha XJ6 They continue with the utility motorcycle line marked by their first models, the well-known Yamaha XJ600 Diversion. And since the oven is not there to do many experiments, Yamaha has given it a little aesthetic review, they have put the 2013 model tag and little else.

Specifically to the model Yamaha XJ6 N It is the one who is most noticeable in this aesthetic review, since now the side panels of this naked are more integrated into the general line of the bike. This enhances the mass-forward feeling that the bike seems to be leaning forward. And at the front, we find a new headlight that gives the bike a slightly lighter look.

The changes common to the entire range are new handles for the passenger, which improve its functionality while improving the look of the bike. The instrument panel retains the shape and design of the previous model, but now receives a LED lighting that improves its appearance and legibility by having more light contrast. The seat receives a new coating, soft touch and greater grip to make driving more comfortable. The turn signals receive transparent optics. The fuel tank cap also changes and a rear wheel position indicator is added to make chain tensioning easier and more accurate.

The colors of the range Yamaha XJ6 2013 are midnight black and white competition in the Naked range and White competition in the S and F versions. Prices have not been made public as of today.

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