Transform your BMW R1200GS into a replica of the first GS
Transform your BMW R1200GS into a replica of the first GS

The family of BMW GS It dates back to September 1980, when the first BMW R80 G / S was presented at the Cologne Motor Show that year. Since then it has established itself in such a way in the market that practically all brands go crazy for getting a similar model that helps them in sales. What happens is that the concept of those first motorcycles has been diluted over the years until we reach what we know today. What if you like motorcycles but want to go back to that retro image? The solution is offered by the folks at UN1T Garage.

For the modest price of 3,920 euros You can buy a kit that consists of a set of plastic covers for the tank, seat, front and rear fenders, some side covers, a round headlight with its supports, and the necessary cables and fenders. The result is very reminiscent of the BMWs of the eighties. All this modification reduces the total weight of the motorcycle by six kilos. The models to which it can be installed range from 2004 to 2012.

A bit expensive for the final result, since with a bit of luck for that money you can get an original BMW R80 G / S of the time and leave your current BMW as it is. I think I'll stick with this morning's transformation on the Suzuki Savage.

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