If you don't lock your motorcycle, stealing it is a matter of minutes
If you don't lock your motorcycle, stealing it is a matter of minutes

The other day we talked to you that in Barcelona, ​​7.3 motorcycles are stolen a day and as who does not want the thing, Eduan left us together with his comment a video where the theft of a motorcycle is recorded in the middle of the street and with total impunity. But first let's watch the video and then comment on the play.

Clarify for those of us who are not used to reading in Arabic that the video is titled something like "Young Saudis record the theft of a motorcycle" (thanks for the translation, Aziz) and that this time the “lucky” city is Madrid. But I really can't understand many aspects of this robbery and maybe you can help me.

The first thing that I don't quite understand is why the people who record the video, do not call attention to the "chorizo" or if they do not want to have problems, they simply notify the police. I don't know, do more than just sit around recording. But also, in the video, the driver of the van that is parked and that he is talking on the phone, I do not know, whether to interpret that he is an accessory to the robbery or that he is not really realizing all the handling that the robber brings.

The passers-by who pass by on the sidewalk at that moment, obviously, if they are not very observant, they will not realize what is happening right under their noses. But to finish the job, what impression does it give you the sworn guard at the door, just in front? It seems that he has seen the bulls from the sidelines and he has not cared much either.

This video is almost a year old and I have not been able to find information on whether the police have taken action on the matter, since perhaps the license plate of the motorcycle used by the thief can be obtained, although I imagine that it is also stolen. And lastly, of course I have never tried to force a steering lock but I it seems extremely easy From what can be seen in the video, I do not say anything about the bridge that makes the motorcycle, since here I have seen with my own eyes how easy it is to start certain models without a key.

Anyway, we are all going wrong with this citizen collaboration.

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