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Valentino, you to Yamaha, and Ducati… where was Ducati going?
Valentino, you to Yamaha, and Ducati… where was Ducati going?

Ducati's progression in MotoGP

When Yamaha, Ducati and Valentino Rossi announced their march from Borgo Panigale to the fretboard mark in synch, dozens of thoughts crossed my mind. Coward I called him repeatedly; accept the challenge and get over it, he yelled at him. Then, reflecting, I saw that this move would be positive for the MotoGP World ChampionshipWell, because of the look of the most one-eyed man or a spectacular low form, the second official Yamaha has been greatly missed.

Whatever they say, Valentino's bet is a safe, zero risk bet. At 33 years old, the Italian, after two desperate seasons, signed for another pair with which he would have plenty of time to put everyone in their place, yes, without Casey Stoner. In 2013 his opponents will be Jorge Lorenzo, with the same bike, and Dani Pedrosa, who, in my frank opinion, is in the best situation in years to win this year.

Well, apart from his contribution in the form of 46 painted on Ducati Monster’s, his time at the brand has been a real failure. For him, for the image of Ducati, for the world championship and for the fans. And well, also for his fans, as there are many Rossi's fans who are far from being motorcycle fans. But there is something that worries me, he is going to Yamaha but … where is Ducati going?

His image is in tatters, in every way. Their fame has been ruined and the results are at the height of their worst year in the premier class since entering 2003. Before, The Desmosedici was synonymous with the greatest expression of racing on two wheels since the 500cc. A machine only suitable for men in the category, a behavior that can only be measured by the expert grips of pilots such as Loris Capirossi or Troy Bayliss. In 2012, Desmosedici is the same as saying frustration, failure and problems. They have given everything for Rossi, giving up a concept that will soon land in Superbikes, its mechanics and even its colors, because if there is something different between the MotoGP of Loris, Casey and his, it is those colors taken from a nursery.

Yes indeed, his image has been exploited to the fullest, and I'm sure it has sent sales of the brand's merchandising skyrocketing. I hope they have covered their salary that way. To recap, with the heritage that the Ducat pilots will have in 2013 … the future is stained in black.

And it is that Nicky Hayden and Andrea Dovizioso will be in charge of carrying the weight of Borgo Panigale on their shoulders. Of them only Nicky has the personality of a champion, while Dovi is the best second driver you can find, although I will be happy if he leaves me in evidence. With this calico I suspect we will have another boring season in which three drivers share the victories.

Italian hope passes through Germany and the United States

Nicky Hayden Indianapolis crash

It is shocking that the future of such an important company for Italy passes through the hands of Audi, Germany, and Nicky, United States. Collaborations between Italians and Germans have not always been the most fortunate when facing different philosophies, but the truth is that if they come to understand each other, the good work of German engineering, their money and the culture of effort can relaunch Ducati's career in MotoGP. Suppose you decide to follow your instincts, starting almost from scratch and making a beast again that scares its competitors.

So I have no doubt that Nicky would go on to be the number one driver in the team, thanks to a very different past from Andrea's. His experience on the American mud has given him that special touch that makes just watching him drive so entertaining. Failure to do so, continuing on the path set during the Rossista era, Dovi will gain the prominence that he has been asking for for so long and that he never had for Repsol Honda.

Gabriele Del Torchio has perfectly pulled the strings to make Ducati grow during his tenure, but he has yet to demonstrate that know-how in competition.

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