Itici, the ITV telematic control system
Itici, the ITV telematic control system

Itici, of Telematic Exchange of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles, is the acronym of the system that from January of next year will be capable of informing the Civil Traffic Guard if the vehicle has a valid ITV or not. Thus, it is expected to reduce the number of vehicles that currently circulate in our country without having complied with the Technical Inspection of Vehicles. Although the system is already in operation in Catalonia and the Valencian Community since the beginning of 2012. It seems that the operation has been satisfactory and that is why it will be applied in the rest of the country.

According to our friend Josep Camós in Motorpasión, the ITV until now "dumped" once a month the data of the vehicles that had passed through its facilities. But from the beginning of next year this "dump" will be continuously, with what is supposed to gaps between administrations will not exist. Of course, to avoid possible computer problems we will have to continue to carry the sticker or "seal" of the corresponding ITV in a visible place. Will this system put an end to the urban legend that says you have a one-month cadence to pass the ITV once the deadline is reached?

For now, when the Civil Guard stops us, they will have to spend a while checking our data on their computers instead of looking at supporting documents extracted from the entrails of our motorcycles. And they will also be able to check if those beautiful mirrors that you carry comply with the homologation of your motorcycle and are included in the technical sheet.

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