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British Superbikes 2012: Tommy Hill crushes his competitors at Cadwell Park Mountain
British Superbikes 2012: Tommy Hill crushes his competitors at Cadwell Park Mountain

Iron and seamless dominance

The guy who one day called Cadwell Park mini-Nürburgring could not be more successful. The Lincolnshire track is one of the favorites for British Superbike riders and not only for fans from the islands but for those from all over the world. Located between valleys, this circuit has characteristics that make just seeing a motorcycle passing through its asphalt an indescribable spectacle. Here, Tommy Hill has put out his chest to reaffirm his leadership status and place yourself in an enviable position to face the imminent Showdown.

Another of the great roles of the weekend has been a matter of Alex Lowes. The WFR Honda rider has finally been able to demonstrate his talent and handlebar skills by achieving pole position and a second place in the first race. It is also the award for a team that bet on the future and the youth. Continuing with protagonists, Noriyuki Haga has returned to sign a disastrous result to breaking your collarbone during workouts. Could it be that the BSB level is higher than expected by the Japanese? For now Alex has stolen your spot at the Showdown.

First race, Hill victory and great podium for Alex Lowes

A career that may have definitely marked the championship. In the first place, as we said, there is the injury of the eternal Japanese rider who, added to Lowes' good performance in this test, has ended up removing him from the top6. What's more, Shane Byrne also suffered a severe fall that sent him to the operating room to fix an injured shoulder. Neither of them have given up, but they are clearly in worse shape than their rivals.

In the race, a brilliant exit from Tommy hill caught everyone off guard and, with a devastating pace, the defender of the crown he was safe and confident. During the first few laps Michael Laverty tried to prevent the Surrey driver from escaping by taking the lead and plugging. An intention thrown into the ground as soon as Tommy took the lead again. Between jumps, skids and movements that would take away the hiccups of the bravest Alex Lowes threw value and qualities to seize the square from Laverty.

One more time I have to recommend seeing these races, where each lap produces more adrenaline than we have in the MotoGP season - okay, Brno was good -. Well back, Josh Brookes, called to the fight for the title, had a fierce battle with Jon and the Kawasakis. However, he did not prove to be much faster and had to settle for fifth place.

Tommy came in with a wide lead over Lowes, who had also let go of the pressure from Michael Laverty.

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