C59R and his “The First One”, National Cafe Racer
C59R and his “The First One”, National Cafe Racer

Do not think that C59R is a soccer player, it is something much better than that. Once again we almost witnessed the birth of a new company created in 2011 in Cambrils, near Barcelona capable of transforming classic motorcycles and equipping them with a new youth in the style of Cafe Racer or Street Tracker. In addition, we can already see in all its splendor his first creation baptized as it could not be otherwise as "The First One”. Do not miss it, it is worth stopping and contemplating it, congratulating ourselves again for not having to cross half the world to see quality transformations and good taste.

Starting from the base of a BMW R100RS is born "The First One", the first creation of C59R Cafe Racer Motorcycles where not only the aesthetic section is taken care of, paying maximum attention to all the details but also mechanical appearance is guaranteed with a perfect operation of all your motorcycles. Thus, the engine, gearbox and differential have received a renewal of all its key elements and an external treatment, achieving a finish in accordance with the rest of the project.

If we start looking at "The First One" at the front we see a "Clubman" type handlebar with minimalist controls that I love, among which the use of a suspension blocker from the world of MTB stands out as a Starter that draws powerfully attention in the video. But as some drawback you have to put the Acewell marker that although quite well integrated into the whole, when it turns on “it does not hit me” with this beautiful motorcycle, it has an easy solution on the other hand. We also know that the front fork gets some new progressive springs and an NHK lateral steering damper to eliminate shimmy chattering. The new optics and the anthracite gray / red tank with that precious cap, close this front.

How could it be otherwise, the electrical installation has been completely renovated as well as modified. The electrical junction box originally located in the front is removed and is located under the seat; at the same time, the location of the battery is varied, now in the lower part of the engine, lightening the center of the assembly.

C59r.1 rear

In the back I especially like that seat and its upholstery that combine wonderfully with the pollock. The custom made fender and Lucas-type pilot, along with handcrafted XMR Metalworks signed exhausts are sure to make “The First One” sound exceptional. Also the rear damping has been entrusted with new shock absorbers from the Ikon firm.

From Motorpasión Moto we wish Josep Ramón Curto and his team good luck with your new project and we hope that soon we can see your new creations.

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