Anti-Japanese protests end up burning motorcycles
Anti-Japanese protests end up burning motorcycles

It is curious that for claim the return of sovereignty over some islands between Japan and Korea a group of Koreans decided to burn motorcycles made in Japan. This sounds to me something like if to claim the sovereignty of Spain over the Rock of Gibraltar we dedicated ourselves to burning British motorcycles. Absurd? Yes. Cash? Well it seems that also because we are talking about it.

The islands in question were Korean territory since the 6th century, but were occupied by Japan during World War II and appear to have remained in Japanese territory after the treaty that the two countries signed in 1951 after the war. From this part of the world we do not have many elements of judgment on the subject beyond what the press releases say. But I insist that to claim a territory I don't think it's the smartest thing to burn motorcycles (or anything else) manufactured by the rival country.

Although in Spain we have experienced similar situations when French farmers threw and burned Spanish fruits at the border. Of course, at that time the product considered problematic by our northern neighbors was directly boycotting. The truth is that there are times when these Asian gentlemen are hard to understand.

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