Carrefour denounced for the motorcycle clothing it sells in its centers
Carrefour denounced for the motorcycle clothing it sells in its centers

We already told you in Motorpasión Moto the result of the investigation in the EMS 2012 report carried out by the Asociación Mutua Motera, in which they pointed out irregularities in different equipmentss techniques for motorcycle users. During the month of July 2012, this report was sent to different authorities by the AMM. At the same time he reported to the General Directorate of Consumption of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. It does not stop here.

Carrefour jacket

The Asociación Mutua Motera, took care to continue investigating and going to large stores where this supposed motorcycle clothing is sold. Thus, he found in two Carrefour establishments in the Community of Madrid, clothing and helmets that did not have the corresponding approval or certification labels.

Indeed, as if it were a "Chinese" product, they found jackets from the brands "2WHEELS" and "R. Evolution Corse” without any kind of certification that guarantees the protection of the user in the event of an accident and several helmets that did not present any type of approval for use on a motorcycle or certification to be able to use them on a moped.

Price Hunter Carrefour

But unfortunately, this type of product can be found at reduced prices not only in Asian stores, which were the ones that seemed to have exclusivity. As you can see in large stores you also have products without homologation and labeling and even in motorcycle stores we have also seen some of these products that do not comply with the regulations.

That is why the best advice we can give you is that you let yourself be guided by common sense since an article with a very low price can hide this type of fraud. But even so, in the EMS 2012 report you have all the information about the different approvals helmets, jackets, pants, boots and protections must have.

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