Hawaii tests grid's first autonomous hydrogen station
Hawaii tests grid's first autonomous hydrogen station

In mid-August the first gas station that allows you to refuel hydrogen to propel vehicles and that is also disconnected from the electrical network. This, which at first glance might seem unimportant, turns out to further reduce the environmental impact of producing hydrogen. A production that uses electricity to, by electrolysis of water, separate its components. But in this case the electricity is produced by a series of solar panels which makes it independent from the conventional grid. The station is capable of producing 500 liters of hydrogen per hour, the technology belongs to an Italian company.

In this way the two hydrogen cartridges are filled that allow the Scooter to circulate for about 90 km at a speed of 55 km / h. Perhaps the main advantage is that the cartridges can be interchanged, so refueling is immediate and there is no need to wait for the fuel cell to charge.

What I find curious is that they have gone so far to test the system. It sounds like they don't trust security and consider doing it in Hawaii in case things go wrong that there are no problems with many people. Conspiracy theories aside, I believe that the system not only it is very practical, but I think it is a very short term solution for the problems that the price of gasoline is already causing us. Will they be able to put a price on seawater to produce hydrogen?

Voucher, the Scooter is neither the prettiest nor the fastest. Perhaps it is one of the most expensive, since they say it costs $ 3,500, but the first cars or motorcycles also entered into these considerations and look where we have arrived a little more than a hundred years later.

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