Yamaha XS 650 Icon Low, Down & Shifty, built to show off and torture the rider
Yamaha XS 650 Icon Low, Down & Shifty, built to show off and torture the rider

Icon It is one of those brands that does not usually appear much in Motorpasión Moto for the simple reason that in Spain it does not seem to be very well known. What happens is that the gentlemen of Icon when they get down to work to present the new range of clothing for next season, they really put it on. Because not only do they design those clothes and accessories, but to accompany them in the photos of the catalog they mark a motorcycle as radical as the one you see in the photos. What originally It was a 1974 Yamaha XS 650 It has ended up turned into a motorcycle that if it were to leave the list of the AMD World Championship, no one would be surprised.

Under the name of Low, Down & Shifty (Long, low and suspicious) we find that of the original motorcycle practically only the engine is preserved, and even this has undergone a good review in which the displacement has been increased to 750 cc, more aggressive camshafts have been installed, a Pair of Mikuni carburettors connected to Pingel taps. The ignition is Boyer and the cables come from a MotoCzysz C1.

The chassis is handcrafted, like all the sheet metal that we see, that although it is not much, something carries and has its work. The front fork comes from a Suzuki Hayabusa, which in the USA must be the motorcycle that is most easily obtained from a breakdown. As a curious note, the virgin birgin that is painted on the tank says that it is our lady of perpetual pain. Perhaps it is because the same manufacturers recognize that the riding position of the motorcycle is "oblique", suspensions, practically non-existent, are to break your kidneys, the range should be a few miles. But above all there is the aesthetics of a motorcycle that attracts attention, although I don't think we see it circulating much on the street.

A few days ago I read that in the AMD World Championship aesthetics prevail above all else, creating motorcycles that are almost undrivable on almost all occasions. But if we are talking about aesthetics. Why should we worry about the manageability of something like that? Yes, we will not even be able to get on something remotely similar in our entire lives, but we will be able to see hundreds, if not thousands of photos of motorcycles of this type that make our eyes happy. This Icon has left me quite surprised.

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